add the latest features at the bottom of the "dtube"

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I would like to suggest additional features at the very bottom when I want to upload videos on dtube, I think this feature is very important because it gives an addition to dtube.


same as my title above!
I would like to suggest additional features at the very bottom for uploading vidio.i sure this is very useful

Mockups / Examples

1.Like this first I will send a screenshot before this feature is added

  1. I believe this is very useful for uploading videos and this feature should be at the very bottom
    This is an example I recommend


Benefits that we can get from this feature is no language, location, restricted mode, history and help.
everything is complete
and make it easy for you to upload videos

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@danu-drj, Approve is not my ability, but I can upvote you.

Terima kasih kawan

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not refer to or relate to an open-source repository. See here for a definition of "open-source."

Dtube is not completely open source as only minified files are put on Github and the original files are not on Github.


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