add live streaming in "dtube"

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Sometimes when we open dtube account we want to share the activity that we do but can not because dtube has not launched its excess. So, I would suggest to add "live streaming" on d tube so dtube users can see what activities we do every day.


As my title above I want to send a proposal to add live streaming feature on "dtube" so that our customers can know our daily activities in addition to uploading vidio.

Mockups / Examples

In this way, subscriptions can find out their daily activities and they can find out what we do other than upload videos.
especially customers who want to know your daily activities.

  1. And here's an example of his idea
  2. With live streaming customers can see our daily activities


With live streaming we can share our daily lives on the dtube and they get to know us every day by watching live broadcasts that I recommend.

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