Blockpress supports js and jquery libraries for theme creation

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New Features

Javascript support for themes


This new feature means that theme creators no longer need to embed their scripts in the HTML. Having separate javascript files in the theme folder makes the structure more transparent and logical. This should be very helpful to both new and experienced creators. It makes the system more understandable and easier to debug.

Jquery.transit library enabled for themes and modules


One of the things I have been working on is to implement CSS transitions and transforms into our themes. So far trollfell theme was using jquery animate to open and close the sidebar and I wanted it to use transitions instead. To be able to fully explore this a jquery library proved very useful. I chose jquery.transit because it seems powerful, well documented and it's easy to grab and run with, which is what I needed. I tested it out by using it in the trollfell theme. I will be exploring it further in this and other themes in the near future.

template.html files renamed to match theme names


I renamed template.html theme files to match the theme names, but because of how BlockPress was written they wouldn't load properly. I had a look at init.js file getThemeHTML function and changed the URL path to the file. Now themes load with no trouble. This is a small adjustment but it makes the file structure consistent, logical and easier to work with, which I consider important. It is especially useful when working with and comparing templates from different themes. A clear naming strategy removes the likelihood of mistakenly editing the wrong file and improves overall workflow.



You can now follow the progress of CMS on various social media, including our new channel on steem chat, and our new @blockpress steem account!


Great developments. The importance of your addition of the jquery.transit library lies not only in the power of that library itself, but also in establishing a standard protocol by which future additional libraries might be made available to theme developers.

Thank you for your contribution. Try to add more feature into a single contribution, also code commenting is also good.

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