Steem Engine Tribes Stats – Which Tribe has the most traffic and users?

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The dawn of Steem Engine Tribes. Will this be something that will really bring masses to the Steem blockchain? Another era on the blockchain has started that is for sure. We are now entering the second month with Steem Engine Tribes. There has been month and a half since Palnet was announced and afterwards an avalanche of new tribes. I really don’t know the exact number of Steem Tribes at the moment and stopped counting them soon after the third or the fourth one was announced.


Here I will be looking at 8 Steem Engine Tribes:

  • Palnet
  • Weedcash
  • Splinterlands
  • Steemcoinpan
  • Steemleo
  • Neoxian
  • Battlegames
  • Sportstalk

The criteria to include this tribes in the analysis was the time when they were announced. Since this is a new thing, I was looking for tribes at least tree weeks old, in order for the data to be comparable.

Please note that some of the tribes have been a week or two longer around then others and this is influencing the numbers. It is more of an indicator of what is happening on the Steem Blockchain and how are this new tribes developing.

Scope of Analysis

The analysis was carried out for the period from 01.06.2019 to 21.07.2019. Data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange. Details of the query can be found at the bottom of this post.

Activities on Steem Engine Tribes

Two separate data will be presented about the Steem Engine Tribes activities. Number of posts and comments containing the tag of the tribe. This posts and comments can be made from other Steem frontends and add the tribes tag.

Furthermore, data on number of posts and comments that were made through the frontend of the tribes will be presented. In this way we can see the share of the posts and comments that were made from the palnet frontend.

Here is the chart on the overall tribes activity. Posts and comments.


The brown column are the total activities containing the tribe’s tag, and the bluish column represents the activities made on the tribe’s frontend.

As expected Palnet is leading with quite a lot. There has been around 130k posts and comments with the #palnet tag. It is a generic platform for blogging and basically one can posts all of its content with the palnet tag. Its coming from the creators of Steem Engine and Minnowsupport and it has a background with the community.

Next is the tribe of the Steem Korean community Steemcoinpan. They have launched early as well and have amassed nice community. Sportstalk is third on the list and it may come as surprise in a positive way, since they have not been around as much as the others with no specific background. But this shows that people love to post about sports. Great job from them. Steemleo is also doing fine, they have been announced just recently and already have a nice number of activities. It is more of a niche community for investors. Next are the Neoxian tribe, Battlegames and Weedcash.

Posts on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the breakdown on posts and comments. First the posts.


Palnet leading the gang here as well with around 80k posts. The rest of the tribes are in a same order as the overall activities.

Comments on Palnet

Here is the chart for the number of comments per day.


Similar trend on the comments as for the previous activities.
Interesting the share of the comments made from the tribe’s frontend is much bigger then the posts. Seems that users are engaging, commenting on the platforms.

Share of the activities made from the tribe’s frontend

As mentioned above the posts and comments on the tribe’s web (frontend) can be made from other frontend and just include the tribes tag. Also, it can be made directly from the tribe’s frontend. Here is the share of the overall activities made from the tribe’s frontend.


Interesting to see that Sportstalk is leading here with most of the activities made on their frontend. Weedcash is next, but with their niche community 😊, followed by Steemcoinpan and Steemleo.

No of Users on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the chart for the number of users on Steem Engine tribes at the moment.


The number of users is counting each account that have made a post or a comment on the specific tag.

Palnet has alredy broke the 5k barier and is moving in the 10k direction. The others tribes are also doing great with thoulsonds of users that have met their tag 😊.


We can see that just a bit more then a month Steem Engine Tribes has formed and growing. Palnet as a generic tribe is leading the way, but with others after it with nice numbers as well. The easy process of forming a tribe has made this possible. We can thank @aggroed and the team behind Steem Engine for doing this. All this tribes are in a very early stage and they need to prove them self going forward. But we can see that all of them have a nice foundation with thousands of users and ten thousands posts already on them. Tribes have enriched the Steem experience in a massive way and are creating new opportunities for everybody. They can easily learn from each other and cooperate now.

The fact that from the very first steps tribes have tradable tokens on Steem Engine is a big deal and it provides instant valuation of them from the community. No speculation of when the token will be available, tradable etc. From the first step it is out there in the rough waters fighting for its value. All made possible from the Steem Engine platform.

The great challenge of the Tribes will be to reach out of the Steem user base. Steem is a great and easy way to start with. Tribes are living proof of that. But in the long run Tribes will need new users to grow their platform. Reaching out of the Steem userbase will be crucial. But in the same time, we will probably have 100 of tribes trying to do this. Even if small number of them bring some users here, that can be beneficial for everyone.

Not sure will this work but here are all the tags of the tribes from this analysis 😊.

#palnet #sct #spt #steemleo #neoxian #battle #sportstalk #weedcash

All the best

Tools and Scripts

The data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange.



FROM comments (NOLOCK)

where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2019-06-01' AND '2019-07-21' and
contains (json_metadata, 'palnet')

FROM comments (NOLOCK)
 CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2019-06-01' AND '2019-07-21'
 AND ISJSON(comments.json_metadata) = 1 
 AND JSON_VALUE(comments.json_metadata, '$.app') LIKE 'palnet%'

These queries were run for each of the tribes.

GitHub Account


HI @dalz

Thank you for your contribution to @utopian-io.

Firstly, I'm not sure if you are aware but @utopian-io are pausing activities at the end of the month. Look out for activities starting up again at some point soon hopefully.

The analysis gives quite a good overview of content activities, although every day we are seeing new tribes and #creativecoin and #stem are just two of those that I assume would like to be a part of future analysis.

I am a member of the #sportstalk community and it is interesting to see a lot of the content being produced on the application - @patrickulrich will be happy about that.

I see just over 6200 users on palnet, and I suspect that gives a pretty good indication of the number of active content producers we have on Steem at present.

Steem-engine has certainly brought new life to Steem.



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Thanks for the review @abh12345!

I'm aware with the break in activities by Utopian and I'm grateful for their support in the past and your reviews as well :).
Hope all the best for the project in the future since it was a project with really noble mission.

About all the new tribes coming out, probably will update this analysis in the future and will include even more.

Thank you for your review, @abh12345! Keep up the good work!

Very interesting indeed. Many thanks @dalz. I love statistics

Thanks :)

The tribe with the frontend which will allow for more than 5 tags will be a winner, I think because with so many new communities people will have to earn more and more tokens and 5 tag rule is very limiting.

Posted using Partiko Android allows for 10 tags but I believe others do too.

Posted using Partiko Android

Neoxian and creativecoin allow 10 as well.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hear actifit and partiko offer more than 5, as does

Thanks for the tip!

Posted using Partiko Android

I wouldn't say that actifit and partiko allow more than five tags. Both seem to be allowing 6- the additional tag is their automatic addition of "actifit" and "partiko".

I tried to add an additional tag with both frontends only to receive the "only five tags" prompt.

I wouldn't say that Actifit and Partiko throwing their own promo tag in there is an offer to the user.

Ha .... yep.... the tribes are putting pressuer on the tags .... people will want more. But how many tags are enough?

thank you for this important analysis. Could you do it on a regular basis please, because it is an excellent way see how every tribe is doing. Thank you!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the comment .... I can do it on a monthly basis probably yes :)

will be a „must read“ for me. Have a nice day!

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a nice post with great data you shared good to look into that

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Will look in to it ... thanks :)