Project Promotion: The Magic Frog series (Episode 1)

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Seriously! Who on this earth will say no to a story well woven around a plot so thick that fathoming it out would be like digging out water from a rock? I don’t think there is anyone. I for one, can never say no to such a novel. Now imagine when a novel is written by one author and then you find it very hard to predict.

How about when another novel is written by tens if not hundreds of people from different cultures and traditions around the world. Do you think you will have any chance at deducing where the story is heading to and how it would end? I don’t think so. How about having a platform where you earn for contributing to the flow of the story being written?

It therefore is my pleasure to introduce to you one of the most pleasant and interesting platforms on the steemit blockchain – The Magic Frog!!

How Magical can a frog be?

In different climes and cultures, the frog remains a central character in a lot of novels due to the magical role this amphibian plays in them. It is also as a result of the myth around this creature all around the world. For example, frogs are said to have the ability to predict or forecast what the weather for the day would look like. Another myth about frogs says that these creatures are able to cure warts, as well as bring good luck to people.

Stories that have frogs as characters also abound. For example, there is a popular story of a woman with three sons whom she asks to compel their wives-to-be to carry out two tasks each. A frog helps the third son with all his tasks and it does a very perfect job. His mother then asks them to bring their wives and he goes back in tears to meet the frog.

The frog agrees to marry him and he neither accepts nor declines. On their way, they meet three witches who reward them for their clever chariot. First of all, the frog is changed to a beautiful maiden, while their small chariot is transformed into an enormous carriage. Finally, they are rewarded with a purse filled with gold, they get married and live happily ever after.

In The Magic Frog’s platform, your duty will be to help the frog remember some of his magical stories by contributing daily to the story provided.

How to use The Magic Frog

The magic frog is an account created on the steemit blockchain and connected to the magic frog’s website. Here, contributions by users via the platform are posted to the steemit blockchain as comments to the magic frog’s post of the day. Here below, I’d give a very detailed overview on how to access the magic frog and make your contributions to the flow of the novel.

A. Logging in/ Signing up

The website of The Magic Frog is If you are interested in contributing to stories of the magic frog (and I’m quite sure you would), then you need to log in to the platform or sign up before you can gain access to it. The Magic frog’s website is a platform built on the steemit platform so if you are interested in contributing to stories of the magic frog, you need to have an account on steemit.

The Magic frog adopts the steemconnect method of accessing the steemit platform which means they do not access or store your private keys when you connect to their platform. So all you need do is to simply click on the Log in button, and click on the “Login with Steemconnect” link to proceed. Once there, you need to select your account, if there’s already one accessed on the device, or input your details (username and owner key, active key or master password).

Since you only give it permission to vote and comment via your account, you shouldn’t be scared of much. Once logged into the platform, you can continue on to contribute your own quota to the story on ground at the moment.

For users without an account on steemit, you need to click on the sign up button on the magic frog’s homepage. The next page you are shown gives you a brief information about the steem blockchain platform. Below all these, you get a “create a steem account” button which redirects you to the steemit signup page once you click on it.

On the signup page, there are two ways via which you can sign up to the platform. Once is free, which will see you having to wait for 1-2 weeks before you can get your account set up and ready for use. The other method requires you to pay either with other crypto currencies including steem. Once you are done, you can either begin using your account or wait the next 2 weeks for your account (free account opening).

B. Contributing to Tales on The Magic Frog’s Platform

Once you have your account ready, the next question is … How do I contribute to stories on The Magic Frog? Read on to find out.

Contributing to Tales

As soon as you gain access to the platform by logging in, you are provided with some introductory information about the magic frog and below, you can see the current story being contributed to. Read through it while scrolling down to the end of the page. There, you will be presented with a text box where you can input your own contribution – a maximum of 250 characters.

You can also upload an image if you wish to, so as to make your contribution look livelier. You could also add a little note to explain further what your contribution tries to take care of. This could actually help swing the pendulum to your favor when it comes to choosing the contribution that would carry the day.

C. Submitting to the Steem Blockchain

After typing your contribution, click on the submit button to make your submission come live on the steem platform. Now it is very important to note this so as not to confuse yourself. All contributions made by users on a daily basis to the steemit platform appear as comments under a previously written post of the magic frog’s steemit account. This happens on a daily basis.

Now how it works is that the floor is declared open for new contributions to come in at the start of a new episode with a post made by @the-magic-frog. Different users can throw in their contributions about how it should begin. These contributions will appear as comments under the created post. The comment with the highest number of upvotes gets selected as the first post of the episode while all posts made that day are voted by @the-magic-frog.

It continues in the same fashion all through the various episodes of the series until the community decides that it should come to an end. Someone could propose it and if the votes are in his or her favor, then the story will end. When that happens, funds/coins in the magic pot will be raffled among users. A higher percentage will be sent out to the winner of the raffle draw while the rest of contributors will receive smaller percentages.

Some recent development changes

The founder of The Magic Frog’s platform is @mkt and over the years, he has continued to make necessary changes in the design of the platform. This also includes fixing bugs and redesigning some of the graphics used on the site. The graphics facelift was done through a task request on utopian and the person with the approved design was @ienrikex. The new design has now replaced the previous design on the magic frog’s website.

Summary of Rewards Sharing

There is also a new update on the site made sometime last month. This update shows a detailed summary of how the coins in the pot full of gold will be shared out among users, delegators, contributors and the lucky storyteller. It also gives you an insight into the value of your own estimated rewards.

Resources and Image Sources

  2. Screenshots taken from my PC.

Series Backlinks/

This is the first episode in these series.

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This is a fantastic post, introducing a project I was unaware of, which sounds super awesome. I can see the work you've put in, and it truly makes a difference.

Which is not to say that I don't have comments, because I always have comments. These are minor issues, but still worth paying attention to. I'll cite some examples.

  • "frogs are said to have the ability to predict or forecast what the weather for the day would look like" is overly belabored. A simple "frogs are said to have the ability to forecast the weather" would work better.

  • "If you are interested in contributing to stories of the magic frog (and I’m quite sure you would)" has two issues. One is a proofreading issue, and the other is an issue of mixed tenses. I would do "If you are interested in contributing to the stories of the magic frog (and I’m quite sure you are)."

  • "Do you think you will have any chance at deducing where the story is heading to and how it would end?" is another one with a couple of issues. The word "to" after "heading" is redundant. And if the story "is" heading, then the question is how it "will" end.

These and similar issues aside, however, this really is an awesome post. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of the exquisite corpse form of storytelling, but for those who are, this project certainly looks super fun.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 15 contributions. Keep up the good work!


I have waited till now to make this comment because I did not know what to say since. But now I know.

I am really excited that you find this post fantastic. And you should be much more excited because all your work (long comments, tutorials and all) have not been in vain.

I am entirely grateful for everything you have taught me in the past few weeks. It goes to show that teaching can come in various forms. Everyone is a teacher one way or the other.

Thanks for the continued corrections and I will always have an open mind towards learning even more from you because at the end of the day, I'd be better for it.

Thank you very much once again!!

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Fantastic! Thank you! We certainly need more of such promotional efforts! Great job!

I can only add one thing: You can also participate as a guest, so you don't even need a steem account. In that case the contribution is made via the account @the-fly-swarm.

Everything else is absolutely correct. Thanks again!

I saw your many Upvotes on my post and I came to say thanks to you. I really appreciate.
I've read all about the frog project and being a story writer, I'll check it out and see what part I can contribute.
You have a typographical error somewhere :
Once is free it should be *One is free.

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