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Hello Utopians! @cryptouru here with my first development. I'm submiting this post as a fulfilment of this task request:

I've seen numerous developments of @firedream on the past and I found all of them very informative and inspiring. I really like what he is doing to share some light on what is happening within the steem platform.

I really liked the idea of an organic steem feed. I believe that is the current missing tab/category on steemit; as with the current system, most post on hot or trending are not really organic. This is why I wanted to be part of this project and help pushing forward the idea of an organic feed.


New Ecnhancements

Responsive redesign

The task at hand asked for a new mobile friendly frontend for the application, so this was the main issue that I worked on.

I choose milligram and its CLI as a lightweight frontend framwork:

Desktop view
Desktop View

Mobile view
Mobile view

  • Implemented sidebar for desktop view
  • Implemented fixed header
  • Changed folder and code structure for better management and future scalability
  • Added NPM for package management and hot reloading build and watch scripts
  • Implemented bot blacklisting as modal popup
  • Implemented URL state management via hash tag. It is now possible to access directly to tags using URL like this one:

Proof of Work Done


Thank you for your contribution. You have added all the code in a single commit, it would be nice if you can focus on one part and then push the changes to github, it will be easier for us to check.

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Thanks for the review! You are totally right about the commits, I'm sorry for the hassle. Even though I've been coding for a while, this is my first open source contribution. So I'm still learning the best approach. Any kind of feedback is welcomed! :)


Thank you @cryptouru.
Very nice work done and even before dead-line.
For me the task is fulfilled as requested. is much better thanks to you.


Hey @cryptouru
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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