Mecene bot: a bot to support communities on the steem blockchain

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What ?

This is a mecene bot: mécène is the French for sponsor/donator historically for art. It lets you automatically upvote the communities(tags) you support/join/like/... My personal instance is running on @lablockchain but now I am releasing the code so that more people can do the same.

Why ?

Because you don't get rich curating and when you are not voting, your SP are unused.

Because there are way too many paying upvoting bots.

Because we are lacking a sense of community and there are too little interactions between Steemians. There won't be a need for Smart Media Tokens (SMT) if there are no real communities behind those tokens.

Because there are great and very active communities which lack visibility, SP delegations, rewards... For instance other languages speakers are greatly disadvantaged here and might leave like the Russian community.


I made a bot in JavaScript using the steem-js library and nodejs.

$ git clone
$ cd mecene
$ npm install

I also added docker support because I tend to run everything in docker containers now on my server.

docker build -t mecene .
docker run -itd --rm --name mecene mecene
docker logs mecene


Right now you can:

  • choose the voting weight for the communities
  • whitelist accounts that you automatically support
  • blacklist accounts so that you can ignore them
  • specify a voting delay if you want to play with curation optimization
  • choose the RPC node

Next steps:

  • vote weight per sponsored tags/authors
  • additional criteria per tag:
    • reputation
    • author name
    • additional tags required
  • voting power recovery:
    • vote at X% power
    • until power at Y%
    • then recover until Z% power
  • blacklist downvote (I am not keen on that one)

Ultimately, I would like to run a website/app so that the non computer savvy, i.e the majority of steemians, can help their own communities grow.
So feel free to ask me anything or share suggestions.


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I cloned your mecene bot as i'm learning development. After installing npm, i could run it on My Mac and here's what i get in the terminal:
$ node app.js
Mecene bot starting...
{ rpc_node: '',
account: 'guest123',
posting_key: '5JRaypasxMx1L97ZUX7YuC5Psb5EAbF821kkAGtBj7xCJFQcbLg',
voting_weight: '70',
voting_delay: '0.5',
tags: [ 'fr', 'dogecoin' ],
whitelist: [ 'cryptohazard' ],
_comment: 'this is a comment - ceci est un commentaire',
blacklist: [ 'ned', 'dan' ] }

But how can you make use of it on Steemit ?

The bot in itself tracks all the new posts and if they have the right tags, they get upvoted. The program speaks with the steem blockchain but not with

Your comment makes me feel like you don't understand a lot of things. So what are you actually trying to do?

Thanks for your answer, i was just curious to see what looks like the code for a bot. Indeed, i'm not professional developer and still a lot to learn. I was just wondering how it works.

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