💲💲💲[BOUNTY] Create a Chatbox on Utopian💲💲💲

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Like so many other people on the steem blockchain, I am super excited about how fast utopian.io is getting off the ground. @elear is now working full-time, hiring people and spending his own money to make this project a success. It was a very bold move from his part to quit his job to dedicate himself 100% to this project.

Development never goes fast enough for me and I'm sometime a little impatient. This is why, I decided to launch a bounty.

The Bounty - A Chatbox on Utopian.io

To collaborate we need to communicate. There is nothing wrong with discord BUT for utopian.io to increase in value, people have to be able to collaborate with other people interested in the Open-Source world on the website itself.

We simply need to be able to communicate between utopians. Very similar to what telegram would be able to do...but on a website.

To win the bounty, you must:

500 Steem Bounty!!

I'm going to give 500 Steem to the person who fulfill the criteria above. Please contact me via discord if you have any questions about this bounty.

May the fastest dev win!

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Thank you for the contribution sir. It has been approved. Nice bounty work


"What exactly is Titan?
Titan is a project that aims to create an embeddable link for your Discord servers. Upon adding our friend, @Titan, to your server, you will be given an iFrame code which you can paste to your website's HTML editor. Users browsing your website may use Titan client as a shoutbox (for example). With Titan, you can have either guest accounts or login with a Discord account to chat on your server. With visitor view enabled, your website visitors may see how active your Discord server is. No need to keep Discord open all the time!

Invite link - https://discord.io/Titan
(Share it with your friends!)
Titan Embeds website - https://titanembeds.com/
Titan Embeds Github Repo - https://github.com/TitanEmbeds/Titan "

maybe? I don't know. I'm not a dev. I only care if it works and if you can contact in DM people who are on the steem blockchain. (off-chain of course)

It works! But I can't yet contribute to the Utopian repository...

why? Isn't it open-source? Just submit a pull request...no?

The chat-server is open source and the repo states "Feel free to use it as you want. Just if you were publishing it somewhere, please, provide a link back to this original source.".

I meant the utopian repo at github, that states "The project is in super early state and will change substantially. We will accept contributions soon.".

^^ So I can't implement / modify the chat server because there is no access for me yet!

Why not fork the utopian repo and then push your changes there and then create a pull request?

I've already done that and @elear accepted the PR even if that text is there. :D

"The project is in super early state and will change substantially. We will accept contributions soon.".

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Seems like recreating the wheel, why not just use telegram or discord or whatever?

i dont see the point of having it "on the website", really. People can use multiple tabs these days right?

*Good Competition ......Lets see who win the Race...GOOD LUCK for Everyone

I think your reward motivates many of us, and things will go quickly.

thank 's for ypur post..
@followed and upvoted

Great news, I've also heard a lot about utopian.io recently, but have not yet entered into it. The reason is simple and I want to ask you for advice, the fact is that when you enter the utopian.io you are asked to enter the active key and password from Steemit, is this a threat to my Steemit account? Thank you @cryptoctopus

I trust steemconnect just as much as I trust steemit.com login.

Thank you, then I think I need to try :)

great idea.. am certain someone will take up that challenge! :}

Nice project. Good luck

How to get this

do what it says in the post:

"To win the bounty, you must:

Create a trollbox where we can talk with everybody
A private messaging function
Pull request submitted at: https://github.com/utopian-io/utopian.io/pulls
Must be audited by the Utopian team"

great idea sir i really like it

good effort dear @cryptoctopus. your plan, suggessions are awsome i am also excited about utopian.io and also hope for the best your Bounty. keep it up. best wishes.

@cryptoctopus - Sir are you serious? You are going to pay 500 Steem for a person who create a chat room with above requirements? Wonderful news for us Sir.... You are truly a biggest supporter to new projects on Steem Block Chain Sir.... Glad I decided to follow you Sir.....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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nice post

500 STEEM Bounty again :O Last time you paid 1000 STEEM Bounty and now again 500 STEEM! Simply you are amazing friend! You want to see a great future of STEEM as we all do and you are willing spend your money for it! That's a great inspiration as well!


This is why I suggest Utopian to have a Bounty category!
But sounds like nobody think it is worthwhile😭

They have a blog category...but I agree, bounties would be awesome.

Lolx, bounty section, after a bug complain anyone who can haunt it down gets a bounty 😁 😁 😁 😁 great idea

whats a troll box?

the kind of chat we find in poloniex and other. Just a general chat where people can shoot the crap with each other.

oh ic, i thot it was a chat box.
how do you create one of those? im not a techy so I dont know all this terminology and stuff that happens on the blockchain. ill just trade a bit, than go do artwork

@cryptoctopus this is a nice feature and nice idea, for all utopians to Have same communication and boast up the visibility of the whole utopian-io project

I was going to comment and say man I wish I was a programmer, but see just before you posted this you resteemed a beginners guide to learning programming.

... Give me about 3 - 6 months and I'll be back with the solution. Maybe wishful thinking, but appreciate all the bounties and the great resteems and articles.


It is indeed amazing to see how many people are already able to be doing a full time living of the steem blockchain. :D I just can hope that one day I will join the group. :D

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@cryptoctopus this is a nice feature and nice idea, for all utopians to Have same communication and boast up the visibility of the whole utopian-io project

A troll box would be wonderful as long as there is a 1 strike rule from them beggars!

I was even looking for Utopian I think the concept is interesting despite the fact that the videos are rare on youtube
do I have to be a programmer to use Utopian?