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Hi @miniature-tiger, that's an impressive work, really great!! We've had a couple of different earning reports in the past, but you've covered aspects and data groupings that I haven't seen before. I'm actually not very surprised about the general trends in the results, but seeing the distribution confirmed with data really emphasizes the situation. I especially like the approach to calculate the bid bots out. I think this gives a more realistic picture. Even though there might be more details that could be worked out as you mentioned, I guess the overall magnitude of this effect is reasonably reflected with your approach. Looking very much forward to your next post in this series!! :)

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Hey @crokkon,

We've had a couple of different earning reports in the past

Yes. When I started this analysis what I was really trying to look at was ideas around mass adoption and retention and how the different work / reward profiles of the various dApps might compare in building strong communities.

But the starting point was being able to generate the earnings distribution for a set of users (a dApp, a community, or overall) and when I looked at the overall earnings distribution I thought it was sufficiently interesting to post by itself.

I've got the overall earnings / retention part also pretty much complete now so I'll post that up in the next couple of days. There are some interesting conclusions coming out there too. The individual dApp analysis will take a little while longer.

Thanks for the review!

Hehe, it's indeed very often the case that it's not clear at the beginning what will come out at the end. Looking forward to the retention aspects! And you once more reminded me with your work to finally give blockOps a try - I hope I can make it! :)

Thank you for your review, @crokkon! Keep up the good work!

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