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RE: Byteball Bot Wars progress report #2 – Monetizing content and APIs with Byteball: Error Fare Alerts Bot

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Thank you for your contribution. Again a very high-quality post where you have explained each and everything very nicely. The only thing about the post is that you can improve a little bit of formatting when showing code as I can see a lot of unrelated indentation as well as blank spaces. Also, the indentation in the code should be improved.

Next, it is just my personal preference, to have two branches one for development and other for master and whenever you create contribution just create a pull request, it's very easy to track the changes.

The commit messages, as well as the comments in the code, could have improved, again it is just how you show your code to the public.

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Thank you again for the review, @codingdefined!

Can you guide me to a good source on how to make code blocks easily in the steemit editor, @codingdefined? Just spent >1 hour and ending up manually deleting stuff in the html code, as e.g. this markdown did not work for me.

@angr, you can use, which pretties your code block.
And you need to wrap your code inside ```

Thank you for your review, @codingdefined! Keep up the good work!