SteemPH Bot [KuyaBot] Update - User Info, Rep, DP Transfers, and More

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Initial use and feedback of the previously updated KuyaBot Activity Features was very positive. During the testing phase, the previously added leveling/Economy system increased overall activity in the SteemPH Discord Server. Prior to the additional features, activity was already high, but the addition of the base foundation for the code added a lot of excitement for future developments and laid the groundwork for this new set up updates. This is the second phase of code updates that I have been working on to bring much-needed features to the community bot in order to support the community and help it grow.

Over the past week, I have been working daily on a number of additional features which will serve as the foundation for other projects and functions I have planned for the bot and the community. I am constantly working on a variety of workstreams and projects that overlap with a plan for them to all converge at some point - Each system and workstream will work together to provide an overall support to community growth. KuyaBot and several other Key projects will serve as the central hub in organizing, connecting, and enabling a lot of these workstreams.

Action Bot is currently functioning as the test bed for the new KuyaBot code and ongoing updates are first tested here before being incorporated to KuyaBot. Below is an update on features and functions that I have been working on and have added for this update.

New Features

User Info - Coding for a User Info Function has been added so Users can check their own Steemit and Discord profiles. This allows users to learn more about one another and see what influence they have in both the Steemit and Discord platform. This is the base for future additions which will include the ability to update and customize their profile cards.

Reputation System - The Reputation System is a base system that will serve as a function allowing users to rep one another. Currently, it's uses are for simple recognition of positive and negative behavior and showcase how users are viewed among their fellow community members. There is a longer-term plan to incorporate and expand this Reputation system to the Marketplace workstream that is currently in the works. This Marketplace is a buy, sell, and service-oriented avenue where community members can trade Steem, SBD, and even the Server Digital Peso currency for services, goods, etc.

Fund Transfers - In my previous post I announced the deployment of the economy system. This was the base foundation for which future features would be built. The first of these features is the ability for users to transfer their banked funds to one another. This paves the way for a true economy to be developed where users will eventually be able to buy Virtual good and add-ons for their accounts, boosters to increase rewards, play games for chances to win more DP, buy and sell real world items, and ultimately purchase upvotes from the various PH Upvote Bots. There are still many ongoing updates for this and other features related to the economy system.

Updated Help FIle - As new features are added, the !Help function and menu are constantly updated in order to display the updated commands available to users. This menu is updated regularly as features are added.

As usual, Admins and Mods will have elevated functions for all new features. They will be able to reward Digital Pesos for joining SteemPH Activities, Charity Events, Social and Meetup Events, and as rewards for contests and competitions. They will also be able to adjust bank balances, close bank accounts, adjust rep count and make changes to profiles as they see fit.

Currently, these functions are live on a Activity Bot separate from KuyaBot in order to test for issues and functionality to minimize conflicts with the current KuyaBot code. You can visit the SteemPH Discord Server to see all the new features working live.

Roadmap and things to come

As usual, I am constantly working on additional features and projects to enhance our community support. I allocate at least a few hours a day after work to program and add functions and fix any issues that are found during the Beta testing. Your input and feedback is always welcome. Below are features I am still working on and looking to implement in the next few weeks:

Daily Freecash - Users will be able to request a nominal daily free DP handout. This serves as a daily allowance you can bank for future use as features come online.

Games - I am still working on a number of games which will utilize Digital Pesos to play. I am also looking at adding existing Games from other developers and updating them to use Digital Pesos including community and solo games, allowing users to increase (or decrease) their overall DP holdings.

The one feature I am excited to introduce is integrating the Steemit Upvote functions of our Bots to utilize Digital Pesos as a form of payment for Upvotes. Various Amounts of Digital Pesos = % of Upvote from our Bot on Steemit posts. I'm not sure how to code this function yet so if you have ideas, help would definitley be appreciated!

Ticketing System - This is a dedicated system that will allow us to address community member issues and concerns efficiently and promptly as they come up.

Warning System - This system will help moderate the channel and ensure everyone is a positive contributor to the community. It will issue warnings and punishments for certain negative behaviors such as spam, abuse, and other unwanted acts within the community discord server. This system follows the 3 strikes rule and will issue punishments accordingly.

Dependencies and Links


Steemit and Discord UserInfo


Reputation System

DP Funds Transfer

Sample of Code

Sample of Ongoing work and commits

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Thank you so much for keeping us all updated on everything.
May the God bless your hard work! :)

Sure thing. Im making updates almost on a daily basis to make sure functions are available that will benefit the community!

you are doing very well on this project.. I tried some of the features recently.. I know it will help the community for progression... job well done sir!!

Thanks @jezmacher. Im glad you like the bot and the new features.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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It has been a great effort and your role is vital for Steemit and Steemit PH's growth. You deserve unending support @cloh76!

Thanks @olivercuico. Just trying to do what I can to help the community thrive!

Thank you for sharing those updates of your friend @cloh76 projects are great, happy weekend

Thanks @maxili63. Happy Weekend to you too

Congratulations @cloh ... #KuyaBot is actually doing impressive job. Commendable work. Thanks @cloh

Lot's of challenges, but I'm excited to continue adding features which will help the community! Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the feedback!

Just tried it again.., hahaha

That one is from the Tatsumaki bot 😃

KuyaBot/Activity Bot uses !userinfo <@name> 😜

yes @cloh. You are a blessing to the community @cloh. Thank you so much for working hard for us.

..we are so excited to use the DP ..ahahahah

I'm excited to get all the features implemented and eventually integrated into the other workstreams. Your excitement fuels my excitement!

Hopefully the work you're doing this friend be better again. I love it

Yep. Im hoping it all adds value to the community and helps everyone become more successful and engaged

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