SteemPH Bot [KuyaBot] Update 3.20.18 - Server Welcome, Cleverbot Interactions, and Fishing

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Overall of the existing KuyaBot Activity Bot Features continues to increase. As the code evolves and additional features are coded in, the bot is tested real-time in order to identify bugs, conflicts with existing code, and potential features to be added in upcoming updates. Excitement for future developments continues to be high and new features seem to be generating a lot of buzz according to my observations. In this third update of the activity code, I have been working on adding features which will enhance the already existing functions from the previous updates.

Over the past few days, I have added features that will utilize the existing economy system I have put in place as well as updates so the bot can provide a more personalized experience when interacting with users. As usual, I am constantly working on a variety of projects that overlap with this one and am planning for each of those projects to eventually overlap with this one with KuyaBot serving as the central hub in organizing, connecting, and empowering our community.

Action Bot continues to function as the test bed for the new KuyaBot code and ongoing updates are first tested here before being incorporated to KuyaBot. Below is an update on features and functions that I have added for this update.

New Features

Welcome Messaging - In order to provide a more personal welcome to new members, I have coded in an event activated service that will Greet new users and provide directions on getting started in the PH Discord Server. The bot will provide guidance on where to find guides and quick start support material as well as direct users to register. This function also ensures that there is always someone or something to welcome and greet new users helping to make them feel at home.

Cleverbot Integration - In this update I have added and linked cleverbot to KuyaBot/ActivityBot to help expand the bots ability to interact with users past its original coding. In the original coding, KuyaBot could only respond to specific comments such as hello?, how are you?, etc. WIth the integration of cleverbot, Kuyabot can now randomly respond to any comments, questions, and interactions directed towards him.

Integrated Games - This update is probably the most noteworthy update. The current economy system was already a step towards helping to promote, reward, and incentivize activity and participation, but I wanted to take it a step further. I'm always trying to find and figure out ways to make our Discord Server more enjoyeable for all visitors. In this update I am introducing the first of many games which has been coded to work with the existing economy and give users something else to do that is fun. Feedback has been good so far and the server has been buzzing with the new Fishing Game over the past few days as users experiemented with the system. As they were experimenting features were added and bugs/issues were addressed realtime and as of today it seems as though I have addressed most concerns and everything is working. Continuous refinement and updates are being done and uploaded to Github.

With this system, players are given the ability to buy gear and a license (generated by the bot) that allows them to fish. The fish are randomly generated in random intervals and in random quantities. The types of fish are also random. Prices for gear are fixed and anything bought from the fish store is deducted from the users personal Digital Peso balance which they have earned through the activity system. They can buy optional boosters (which will be updated regularly) that allow for special upgrades.

Like real fishing, patience is key. You may have to wait seconds, minutes, and even hours to catch a fish and even then, catching a fish is not guaranteed. Random events such as fish stealing your bait or your line breaking may occur leaving you without a catch. Each fish can also be sold for a fixed amount depending on the fish that is caught. Users will only be able to sell at max, three fish per day for Digital Peso's, which are deposited into their personal bank accounts.

Updated Help File - As new features are added, the !Help function and menu are constantly updated in order to display the updated commands available to users. This menu is updated regularly as features are added.

Admins and Mods have elevated functions for all new features. They can randomly spawn fish if the demand begins to outweigh the supply for long periods of time. Admins and MODs will also have the ability to update the welcome message and add additional functions through a specially coded admin panel.

Currently, these functions are live on a Activity Bot separate from KuyaBot in order to test for issues and functionality to minimize conflicts with the current KuyaBot code. You can visit the SteemPH Discord Server to see all the new features working live for yourself. Please do share your feedback if you do, so I can continue to add features and updates that will make the bot more helpful for the community.

Roadmap and things to come

As usual, I am constantly working on additional features and projects to enhance our support for the community. There are currently a few issues with the fishing system that I am still working on as well as some ongoing features I plan to add/update. Below are just some of the features I am still working on and looking to implement in the next few weeks:

Daily Freecash - This feature will encourage users to visit regularly. Users will be able to request a nominal daily free DP handout. This serves as a daily allowance you can bank for future use as features come online.

Games - Fishing is just the first of many games to be implemented. I will continue to update and refine Fishing while working to incorporate and create other games that will tie in with the economy system I have built. Some games are region specific such as Pinoy Henyo, Bring me, etc.

Ticketing System - This is a dedicated system that will allow us to address community member issues and concerns efficiently and promptly as they come up.

Warning System - This system will help moderate the channel and ensure everyone is a positive contributor to the community. It will issue warnings and punishments for certain negative behaviors such as spam, abuse, and other unwanted acts within the community discord server. This system follows the 3 strikes rule and will issue punishments accordingly.

Digital Peso Payment for Upvotes - This is probably the most important and key update I would like to get implemented. I am still in the process of trying to figure out how to utilize Digital Pesos as a form of payment for Upvotes. My thought is that it will be similar to coding a Discord Upvote Bot, however, I will be adding parameters for amount to upvote percentage conversion for Digital Pesos. I'm not sure how to code this function yet so if you have ideas, help would definitley be appreciated!

Dependencies and Links

DBM Mods dependencies and Dependency

Randomatic Dependency

Activity Bot Github


New User Welcome

Cleverbot Integration and Realtime Conversations

Games [Fishing]





Sample of Code

Sample of Work History and Latest Commits

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good post,,,Boss

It seems the latest version is more convinient

Im hoping that everyone considers each update a positive addition to the bot(s) and likes what they see.

So true!

I love so much the WELCOMING. This is a good start for those who just get registered to the group. At least, when nobody is around yet. There's a welcoming message/help!

You are awesome man @cloh!

Thanks @leebaong. I'm glad you like the updates... Please do let me know if there is anything else you want me to add. I have a long list, but am always happy to hear suggestions and feedback!

Welcome @cloh. If I have in mind, I will surely let you know.

your project is getting in progress... I know it has big contribution to our community.. and you keep on working hard to make it more better.. good job sir!!1

Thanks @jezmacher. Yep I'm trying to incorporate as many features as possible that will benefit the community and help everyone succeed. At the same time help increase engagement and participation!

absolutely sir.. some people here join steemit only for earnings.. they forgot to look the other side of improving their selves, and engaging with other people as well..

Hello Friend, Hope you doing great. Your project seems very interesting, could you share information about it, is it upvote bot type for Minnow ?? I will join discord channel to explore further. If you also share some 1, 2 points, i will be grateful :) thank you

Edit: Oh. there are no discord channel like every other post. I will click on links..

Hi @adnanibrahim. The Discord link is in the post - [Click Here to Join SteemPH Discord Server]

The bot in this post will eventually support an upvote feature, but I am currently working on it. Our Discord Server does have 2 other bots that currently provide upvote support though. One is a premium service that you get access to when you demonstrate enough support and activity in the community, the other (UpvotePH) is a free-for-all upvote bot

Thank you very much for your reply. I just joined the Discord channel, i just want little clarification, it this for only PH community or everyone can joint it ?

Everyone is welcome to join. We do not discriminate

hello friend @cloh76, excellent information thank you for sharing, very good projects success in all

Thanks @maxili63. Trying to make it better every day!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @cloh76 I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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