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RE: Insteem version 1.5.1; App hanged when I visited `go to a blog` and tried to see a user's up votes.

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No no no @fego. The upvote I wanted to check can be done from other dapps successfully. I wasn't checking upvotes done from insteem app. I was trying to see upvotes on a steemit users posts through insteem feature paraded for such eligibility. If the feature was meant to check for up votes from insteem alone, it would have been a different case. Please kindly revisit this. There shouldn't be a mixup here.


I think there is a misunderstanding here. What I meant was - the upvote feature is itself buggy. By feature I meant everything that had to do with "upvote" - from giving votes, to checking the list of votes previously cast or received by a user. These methods will all be intertwined into one single upvote class.

Thanks for the swift reply. I understand what you are driving at, but I'm still seeing it as a blunt assumption. Again, upvoting on insteem and checking steemit users upvotes are not the same. They are two different entities. I just reported two bugs on travel mate in one post which you reviewed not quite long. I did that because they are super related. Mr fego sir, I will be adamant until final judgement o. Smiles.

I do know what it feels like; I've been through it before. Sometimes you just have to let go @ckole

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Thank you @chrisbarth. Of course we have to let go sometimes, but even at that, we should at least point out why we feel we are right about our decisions. Thanks for stopping by.

Yea...... You have to say it out but remember that certain things won't change. You're welcome @ckole

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There is always room for change and improvement. You can always speak up if you feel your post was not scored correctly. In as many words, make the reviewer see reasons or the points s/he may have missed.

I love this reply. No one is an highlander. My thumbs are up since morning...Just for this comment...

I'm honestly happy to see things work out this way and hope it gets better. Thanks a lot @fego

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Yes, certain things won't change, but this one will. I'm pretty sure. You can watch.

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