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Ibibio WebDict


What is the project about?

Every country has traditions and culture which must be uphold and cherished by its citizens even unto generations yet on-born. In Nigeria, culture and tradition is key and necessary as every member of the family is taught the dos and don't of their tradition even communicating in their local dialect. But as of the recent generations, children barely know even a little part of their culture and traditions nor even speak it because they are taught in English in schools.

This project tends to solve that problem by providing a platform that eases learning of their tradition especially their language and promote their traditions and customs. Nigeria is blessed with diverse languages but we are currently concentrating on the Ibibio speaking people of Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State of Nigeria which cover a large population of over 1 million people. They will be provided with not just the meaning of the searched words, but also the proper sound pronunciation and possibly make sentences with them for better understanding of the language.

Technology Stack?

  • HTML
  • CSS / Bootstrap
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • Angular JS
  • PHP
  • Cloudinary (For Sound Storage)
  • Version control (GitHub)





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Link to project

Latest Feature

  • Search for English words and listen to their pronunciation in Ibibio.
  • Listen to a sample sentence of each word in Ibibio.
  • Search based on category.


  • Allow user to contribute their own quota to extend the database of a language
  • Accommodate other languages (such as Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa).
  • Categorize the languages to ease the learning process like Family, Relationship, Market and so on.
  • Make sentences for each entry and pronunciation of the sentence
  • Provide images for some of the words where applicable
  • Allow translations form English to Ibibio and vice-versa.
  • Introduce tongue twisters

How to contribute?

To contribute,

  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Fork the repository
  • Checkout to a new branch
  • Add your features


GitHub Repository

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Great project!

Hi, I don't really get the value this project brings to the open source community. Correct me if I'm wrong, but people can easily look up a word on Google instead of your website, or simply use a dictionary? I know you said they can also listen to it, but you will have to record a huge amount of words to make this feature actually useful.

Another thing is that the project that is found here doesn't actually work for me. Searching doesn't do anything and the added options take me to pages that also don't seem to function. I also noticed the homepage says "Copyright © 2017". Why is that?

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Thanks @amosbastian for the response. People can but google doesn't pronounce the words properly. Moreover, most dictionary online only provide the words and meaning but no proper pronunciation of the work as well.
I have to record alot of the sound as well get other persons (team working on it together) to do so as well.
Sorry about the project functionaity not working well, i have rectified it as my free hosting platform deleted the database but i have fixed it. The copyright 2017 is because while i was practicing development i designed the page last year and when i started this project, i had to make use of my design for this project.

Ibibio WebDict

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