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Amidst the chaos created by the newly implemented RC based system after HF20, I would like to suggest a bonus based RC(Resource Credit) system and how redfish and minnows can benefit from it and how its added value of communication would benefit the entire steem community.

Proposal Description

Communication and commenting is one of the greatest value that a networking based site can offer. Community and friends circle is always valued in a social network system. With the newly added system of Resource Credit(RC), redfishes and minnows are the one greatly affected by the limitation of Credits they are provided to interact in the blockchain.

The Resource Credit(RC) system has been implemented post HF20 and it must have been important to do so. So to represent those low Steem Power(SP) community and entire social networking community, I would like to suggest a bonus based RC system which can be incorporated to the existing RC system. The system encourages communication and adds value to existing RC system.

What i suggest is, for any comment that a steem user makes on other post thread, he gets bonus in the form of RC(Resource Credit), that he can then utilize to make his own post, transact, upvote and comment on his own post.

The pool of RC bonus can come out from the high SP community, who have enough RC to spare and wish to delegate to promote communication on steem.

Mockups / Examples

This concept can be better explained by an example.
Let us say @foo is a new member in steem community. Let us say(fictional) ,according to the new RC system he can make a maximum of 4 comments(or 8 upvotes or 6 transactions). If the proposed system is implemented, he can comment on a post by any other member of community say @bar, and this earns him extra RC. So he increases his RC value to about 6 comments(after doing so). Now he can use this added value of RC, to create his post, comment on his own post thread or upvote content.
Spamming can be a problem to this but it can be stopped by an already existing flagging mechanism by the steem community.


With the added value of communication by low SP members, they get bonus RC(Resource Credits) and effectively make their transactions. Also this can be a major way of discovery, for someone who cannot invest in the steem blockchain.
Besides the entire social networking community benefits from this.

Due to ongoing chaos, i felt it necessary to let the suggestion out and felt @utopian-io is the best way to do it and get the concept out effectively. This post is entirely based on my layman's understanding of HF20 scenario. If this post by any means violates the @utopian-io rules or lacks in the understanding of HF20 mechanisms, i would be happy to remove the tags. If you loved the concept, support through reblog and upvotes and added suggestion to the post.

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Hello @cave-man, Thank you for supporting the Steem project by suggesting to it via Utopian. Your effort toward the improvement of this project is greatly appreciated. I would love to point out a few things on this contribution to help you improve in your next contribution via Utopian.

  • In many cases, mock-ups are very essential and allows one to better understand your proposal. Although the example which you have given is clear but we want to see a graphical or pictorial representation of how you want this feature to behave once implemented. Drawing a simple flowchart is always a good idea as it will give the PO a more precise way to solve or implement.

  • The RC system recently introduced on the Steem blockchain was implimented to cover and even messure the "cost" of running the blockchain. There are other factors that led to the implimentation of this feature. STINC recently added a patch which allow user RC to be times 10 effective than usual. This will at least allow users to be able to transact more. I would like to point out that when submiting an idea contribution, you need to also address the edge cases and take into consideration the pro and cons that might arise.

I do hope to see more contributions from you in the following days. Thanks for using Utopian.

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Thank you. It was my first time contributing to the idea section of the utopian-io contribution and i will be coming up with flowcharts and pictorial representation wherever i can in the future.

I was aware of the patch put forwarded and for someone like me with about 150SP, the RC is satisfactory but might not be enough(190 comments per RC cycle). But let us take account of a newbie account with 10-15 SP all he gets is 7 comments even after 10x boost and this is very bad if he wants to get recognition in this platform.

We have already come up with SP delegations and RC delegation can be a next thing but not all get the delegations and this bonus system can benefit those.

Also i read about RC system and how it benefits the transaction cost and resource estimation in the node and this suggested system complies with this.

I look forward to contributing more to make this platform better and thank you for the encouragement through your words.


Thank you for your review, @knowledges!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

It's an interesting concept, however, part of the reason for putting resource credits in was to slow the rate of spam. It's good that you've suggested this for comments only, so that still keeps spam posting rates out of the equation, but there is still the issue of spam commenting. If I'm understanding you correctly, then a system like this would give more RC back the more you comment which would just keep a comment spammer in action. There is also the issue that Steem inc. doesn't differentiate between comments and blog posts.

Great to see ideas being put forward. Have you seen @steemitblog's last post where they invite suggestions?

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Yeah we do have flag buttons but we need something greater for spam control. But the way comments are they have a different permalink(kind of an id) to identify them though everything is just a comment here(just my surfacial observation).

And i put forward this idea in utopian-io because they are closely working with steem development but the review ticket sort of mentions this idea as vague and difficult to implement. But the good thing is sometimes these things can insinuate some logics.

But i feel real bad for those low SP accounts.


But i feel real bad for those low SP accounts.

Yes, it's certainly a tough call, especially for the socially active ones.

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Got a little concept in my mind and wanted to let it out. But due to the current state, looks like none has seen it.

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