1Ramp Android Updates - The App Got a New Look, try it out!

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1. Get the latest update now!

We are rolling out two updates for 1Ramp's Android app every week on average. The number of feedbacks and bug reports are overwhelming. The frequency of updates may remain as we like to fix and release updates faster.

Here we are announcing an important update for the 1Ramp app. We hope your browsing experience on the app improves once you install this version.

2. What's new on 1Ramp

2.1. Update Rating UI

On 1Ramp, you can rate a post out of 5 stars. Rating a post 5 stars means upvoting it with 100% voting power. Similarly, 1 star means 20% voting power and so on. You can also rate 5 stars by simply tapping on the 'star' icon once.

To rate, you need to long press the 'star' icon visible below every post. The rating was not so intuitive in the earlier designs of the app. After talking to some users of 1Ramp we figured out that some of them had no idea how the rating worked.

With the new update, we hope it would be more intuitive. Now, the star icon is the only actionable icon in that space with a text indicating 'rate'. 5 stars can be given by simply tapping once on the rating icon and long press to open the rating bar with 1 to 5 stars. Here is a gif to show how it works.


2.2. The list of voters / People who rated your posts

You can now see who rated your posts with how much voting power on the 1Ramp app. If you tap on the icon which shows average ratings on a post, it will open up a list of voters. The voting percentage will be visible right next to the usernames.


2.3. New icon set - Improving the user experience

The app's look and feel will change significantly after this update. We have replaced the older icons with a newer consistent icon set. We are trying to give you a consistent experience throughout the app.


2.4. Username autocomplete suggestions on transfer Steem/SBD page

This is a tiny feature, a list of autocompleted suggestions will be shown to you as you type the username on the transfer page.


2.5. Bug Fixes

  • Allowable SP for Power Down doesn't take into account the 5 SP required to keep the account stable to do transaction #196
  • User Suggestions while user mentions. #182
  • Effective sp is not displayed when trying to do a power down transaction #177
  • [1ramp Android Alpha v0.0.13 revision 2] When a user tries to upload a picture on blog posting, the app takes kind of restart #175
  • Shows wrong error every time when a user tries to power up on 1ramp Android Alpha v0.0.13 revision 2 #174
  • User is not logged out when token expires. #171

GitHub Profile

PR: https://github.com/hapramp/1Rramp-Android/pull/205

Special thanks to @josephace135, @mightypanda, @sourovafrin, @harry-heightz, @akash.agrawal, @achiron, @jubreal, and @indiantraveller for giving us your valuable feedback and reporting some crucial bugs.

If you want to learn more about 1Ramp, here are the links to our previous updates --

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Send Feedback

If you have any feedback for us, please write that in the comment section of this post. You can also write us emails at hi@1ramp.io or join our discord.

Tell us what features you would like to have on 1Ramp. We'd be happy to hear from you and build everything that you need. Our aim is to enable creators in Steem community to engage with the communities of their interest and share their work easily.

Contribute to 1Ramp open-source

1Ramp is an open-source platform. You can find our open sourced projects on GitHub.

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Thanks for the contribution, @bxute! It's great to see you are using the feedback received from users to improve and create these great new features! The post is very well written and the GIFs showing the added features are amazing - I'm already looking forward to reading your next contribution. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 4 contributions. Keep up the good work!

I updated the app today and i really liked the current ui. This one is far better than the previous one. There are more space implementation and hopefully you guys will do in futur.


We are happy that you like this update. A lot of new updates will be coming soon on the 1Ramp platform. Enjoy the new UI 😊!

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