Blockdeals Front-End Improvements Update - 7th May 2018

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Blockdeals is a deals and bargain hunting community who value a dollar and enjoy the chase of finding a great deal. And best of all it's 'Powered by Steem'

Bargains, Coupons and Deals are all over the web, and retailers have never been so generous with their discounts, so why not share the bargains you find with the Blockdeals community.

However, unlike other deals sharing communities, rewards user actions with upvotes on the Steem Blockchain. These upvotes allow the users to earn small rewards paid out in Steem.

And if the community likes the deal, they can upvote too, earning even more rewards for savvy bargain hunters and deal spotters.

Add Trending Format.PNG

As you can see the front-end is starting to take shape, and we had to include expired deals as the 'Trending', 'New' and 'Hot' tabs are directly from the blockchain and should be familiar to Steemit users.

And as we all know the 'Trending' tab isn't particularly useful, so we'll probably just be using the 'New' and 'Hot' tabs for our purposes. It you visit the site you'll also see an original tab which is our old format.

So these are a few of the important commits since our last update, for the full list of changes visit our Github: blockdeals/blockdeals

Bug Fixes

New Features


Beginnings of a Community

There has been plenty talked about regarding Steem Communities however, while we continue to wait we wanted to get a head start on building our own community on

So I'm happy to announce 'live' commenting and upvoting of those comments will be coming soon, which as we all know will be more ways to get rewarded for interacting within the community.

But we still need more people posting deals so we can ensure any bugs are captured before a Beta Release.

So go ahead and share a deal you love and leave your feedback/comments below or post any bugs you find via and get rewarded for that too.

Features still to be Implemented before Beta Release

  • Ability to comment and reply on-site and upvote comments (testing phase)
  • Ability to write, publish and edit a post (proposed communities tab)
  • User Profile Page (basic information about user and links to any deals they have posted)
  • Ability to see wallet amounts, claim and transfer funds (shown in user profile page)

For more information on the project, you'll find us @blockdeals


This is some really great stuff. As an Australian I was very happy to see some deals in my country, the little flags make a big difference and it looks really good - definitely going to bookmark this on my desktop!

Just a question, this will battle against spam yes? A lot of coupon sites I go to are bombarded with referrals especially Uber referrals.

We are Australian so you'll see plenty more in the weeks to come. :-) Although, the site was designed with a global audience in mind.
And you can select the world icon at the top, to filter by your country. Hopefully, we can make this a default setting based on the user's country going forward.

world filter.PNG

As for the Spam we will use the down votes more actively than what you see on Steemit and hopefully, our account will be able to push them to the back of the list.

Spam is always a problem, especially when there's an opportunity to make some money via referral links. This community will only be as good as the people who actively monitor it.

And overtime people will likely make more money posting good links rather than the Spammy ones.

This sounds so great, I can't wait to actually use the platform and get an opportunity to use it - I should order some Dominos tonight ahah

We look forward to seeing your deals up on the site!

Sounds great! Well done

This is awesome thank you for keeping us informed

Hey @blockdeals

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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