[Steemit condenser] No detailed user profile (cover image, rep, location, about...) on reward pages

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Project Information

I found the cause and reported in detail in the above issue. I may be able to make a fix, but based on my previous experience in condenser contributions, external PRs take too long to be merged. So I'd like to submit the bug-report only with the detailed debugging information.

Expected behavior

user profile information (cover image, rep, location, about...) should be on curation/author reward pages

Actual behavior

No user profile information (cover image, rep, location, about...) is shown on curation/author reward pages. Rep is shown as 25, default.

How to reproduce

Visit any user's reward pages, for instance,

(If you're logged in, you should visit other user's page. Or you can see the same bug, if you first visit other tabs (e.g., blog, comments, replies) and then visit rewards pages.)

  • App version: Current
  • Browser version: Any
  • Operating system: Any

Recording Of The Bug


All other tabs are working well. But whenever reward tabs are clicked, this reset occurs. Browsers & login don't matter.


Basically curation-rewards and author-rewards pages are routed to transfers (wallet) page from below.


And then account information is fetched here:


But transfers page, account returns json_metadata: '' and reputation: 0 as the following.

  json_metadata: '',
   { weight_threshold: 1,
     account_auths: [],
     key_auths: [ [Array] ] },
  posting_rewards: 0,
  vesting_withdraw_rate: '0.000000 VESTS',
  guest_bloggers: [],
  sbd_seconds_last_update: '2019-03-05T18:45:03',
  created: '2018-03-02T16:02:06',
  last_post: '2019-03-05T17:38:21',
  savings_sbd_last_interest_payment: '2018-03-14T02:00:21',
  name: 'blockchainstudio',
  savings_sbd_balance: '0.000 SBD',
  witnesses_voted_for: 15,
  voting_power: 6996,
  to_withdraw: 0,
  proxy: '',
  next_vesting_withdrawal: '1969-12-31T23:59:59',
  vesting_balance: '0.000 STEEM',
  savings_sbd_seconds: '0',
  reward_vesting_steem: '0.000 STEEM',
  comment_count: 0,
  post_count: 4011,
  lifetime_vote_count: 0,
  sbd_last_interest_payment: '2019-02-28T03:08:24',
  last_account_recovery: '1970-01-01T00:00:00',
  proxied_vsf_votes: [ '22031319052256', 0, 0, 0 ],
  mined: false,
  market_history: [],
  sbd_balance: '31.627 SBD',
  pending_claimed_accounts: 0,
  post_bandwidth: 0,
   { weight_threshold: 1,
     account_auths: [],
     key_auths: [ [Array] ] },
  savings_withdraw_requests: 0,
   { current_mana: '2612250522640', last_update_time: 1551811503 },
  last_root_post: '2019-03-04T02:46:12',
  sbd_seconds: '6437026758',
  post_history: [],
  savings_balance: '0.000 STEEM',
  reputation: 0,
  last_vote_time: '2019-03-05T17:37:03',
  can_vote: true,
  reward_steem_balance: '0.000 STEEM',
  curation_rewards: 0,
  memo_key: 'STM5Wor19nvKKDFPEkpXngsnHvHVvwwjwo1AUJkJFoJshsD8wRVPd',
  id: 789067,
  tags_usage: [],
  balance: '0.003 STEEM',
  reset_account: 'null',
  last_owner_update: '2019-01-25T21:22:30',
  vote_history: [],
  withdraw_routes: 0,
  received_vesting_shares: '407940.240540 VESTS',
  reward_vesting_balance: '0.000000 VESTS' }
  --> GET /@blockchainstudio/curation-rewards 200 635ms 106.91kB fb1983d514847e6d4681dfdfd9

json_metadata is the field that contains the url of cover images, displayname, location, etc. Since it's null, no information can be shown.

You can actually see the user profile is also reset on transfers page, as on rewards pages, but transfers page updates the user profile again.

But curation-rewards and author-rewards don't update user profile later. That's why the information can't be shown.

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Hi @blockchainstudio, thanks for making this contribution.

I was able to observe this same behavior. I have always thought this to be intentional. Well, if it were a bug then it has been there for as far as I can remember cause right since my registration I have always wondered why on the curation & author reward pages, rep is set to default (25) and the cover image and other info (e.g., location) weren't always shown.

It would have been of great help if any of the maintainers were to acknowledge the issue.

I like that you have carefully analysed the possible cause of this behavior, providing as much detail as you could. Anyone reading the report would find this helpful.

It is a great contribution. We look forward to more of this :)

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Hi @fego, thank you so much for your review!


Thank you for your review, @fego! Keep up the good work!

Korean: 현재 스팀잇 저자/큐레이션 정보 페이지에는 명성도도 25로 보이고 각종 유저 정보가 안보이네요. 이건 좀 사소한 버그라 리포트할 생각이 없었는데 오늘 오래전에 수정해둔 것 커멘트때문에 깃허브에서 알람이 와서 얘네 일 좀 하려다보다해서ㅎㅎ 리포트해줬습니다. 원래 깃허브에만 리포트하려했는데 그놈의 호기심에 또 디버깅을 잠깐 하다보니 한게 아까워서 깃허브에도 더 자세히 써주고 아니 그럴바엔 유토피안도 쓰자 이렇게 되었네요^^ 현재 직원한명이 일 좀 하려나 본데 스팀잇에 밀려있는 제 PR 3개 잘 merge되면 좋겠네요.


저는 이런 버그가 있는줄도 몰랐습니다. PR이 빨리 머지 되었으면 좋겠어요.
그리고 정말 열심히 활동하시네요. 스팀잇 직원보다 더 열심히 일하는 것 같아요. ㅎㅎ


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@blockchainstudio님 따라갈려면 부지런히 해야줘~ㅎㅎ 아 근데 steemconnect는 context 정보가 많이 없네요. 전체 분량은 많지 않지만 곳곳이 난관.


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