powerup (transfer_to_vesting) with memo

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Issue: https://github.com/steemit/steem/issues/3317


  • Powerup (transfer_to_vesting) with memo

Proposal Description

Currently, powerup (tx type: transfer_to_vesting) doesn't support a memo. Normally this is fine. But powerup actually supports powering up another account.


If you click Power Up and then Advanced, you can power up your friend.

In that case, normally people want to write a memo.

Mockups / Examples

As in normal transfer, memo should be supported for powerup.


Obviously, there is a use case.

  • A wants to give a small gift to B, but A wants B to power up, not transfer it to an exchange.
  • But A would like to leave a gift message as well.

Of course, gift is an example. More important use cases are for dapps.

Many dapps use transfer with memo for various purposes. For dapps, in order to increase the value (or price :) of STEEM, they may want users to powerup, then dapps can give some bonus when users receive their shares as SP instead of STEEM. For this kind of B2C transaction, normally memos are essential.

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Hi @blockchainstudio, thank you for your contribution.

Good idea! Will be nice to have that feature. Although it is not necessary, it will useful for a better comunication and transparency.

The overall presentation of the post is great, as always.

In the question Has the user provided any mockups (illustrations) of potential suggestion implementation appearance? I answered: No, but the mockups are inapplicable for this suggestion. because, if I am not wrong, you suggested this to be implemented in the blockchain instead of in Steemit. That is a good idea, so every dapp can use the feature. But in the post you copied&pasted a screenshot of steemitwallet (the UI).
You did not do anything wrong, I just wanted to clarify my review.

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Hi @favcau, thank you for your review. As you may have noticed, these days I've decided to make a post concise to save time for all of us :) While it may not be good for getting a higher score, to be honest, i don't care the score unless I feel it's really unfair.

And you were the most fair reviewer to me, so you don't need to clarify your review. For instance, although I think this suggestion has a big impact (one of the biggest among my suggestions) for dapps (e.g., if rewards from dapps are given by powerup, there will be huge powerup effect), and definitely it should get a higher score to chrisbarth/add-percentage-to-the-pie-chart-in-statistics-feature-1558273645090 (adding % to pie chart), but I understand that the scores can vary a lot across reviewers and case by case. So it's totally fine. If I really cared about the score, I already quit posting. Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your review, @favcau! Keep up the good work!

Korean: 파워업이 사실 타인을 파워업해주는게 가능하다는 거 아시는 분들은 아실 겁니다. 선물할때 가끔 이용하곤 하죠. 혹시 모르셨던 분은 스팀지갑에서 파워업 누르고 advanced 누르시면 파워업 대상 아이디를 적을 수 있습니다.

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필요했었던 기능 제안 감사합니다~!
강제 스파업 응언시 ㅋ
메모 보낼 수 없어 답답했었죠~

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