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Hello friends, My first software was approved and I started to think about new projects. I decided to develop projects on "Steemit". I will act with your requests. As "Steemit" is very useful to me, I now think I can benefit from "steemit". I wanted to start with a nice program.
We can develop beautiful projects with the program that I write.

The aim of the program is to follow the interaction within the links we give. There is a notification when there is "upvote" in the position we give.

Let's go to the program introduction.

The link entry section is the red zone. After Steemit enters the link to the topics we want to follow;

When I add the "Upvote Count" section that I show with an arrow, it is the number of upvote found. We press the "Start" button .

The new "upvote" When you arrive we see a nice notification on the lower right corner design. We can see how much value you have upped and what you have received.

// We check to see if there is any change in the upvote values. //

We get the upvote and gain values we want with Api.

The Notify form is activated and displayed as an animation.

The project can be developed, we can make good things. You can comment to improve together.

You can follow me

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