Add Steemit logo to Font-Awesome

in utopian-io •  last year

I made an update to the font library Font-Awesome with a font for the Steemit logo.

Font-Awesome contain logos for most social media plaforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This makes it possible to use social media logos in written text which might be most useful in for example contact pages.

This is an example how it might be used:

You can see an example how I use it in the footer of posts I write here

I wrote about how I made the logo here. In short, I used the vector graphics data from the logo on and added that data to an svg-file I opened with Inkscape where I scaled the image. Then I used FontForge to add the scaled image to Font-Awesome.

My fork of Font-Awesome can found on

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Im afraid i cant approved this.

  • I think this kind of contribution for a graphics category isnt enough to be rewarded it would be unfair to others who put so much effort on creative designing.

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