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RE: TravelFeed dApp: Introducing a Menu for Curators

in #utopian-io10 months ago

I had a problem in the past that every time I posted a blog with more than 250 words I received that comment to use a minimum of 250 words. I don´t know why it does not work anymore. Also, I asked to review it again I never got any answer.

Is it because I always write in 2 columns in 2 languages?


With the new system it's no longer necessary to reply with !review, all posts that have at least 250 words upon review will be reviewed automatically, including posts that received a comment about needing 250 words in English. If your post appears on, we will consider it.
The language of the post is detected automatically, e.g. if there are 500 words and the detected probability of them being in English is under 50%, the post would receive a comment. This works fine with languages like Chinese, but not with German since it is too similar to English. Receiving a comment about needing at least 250 words in English does not have an effect on the posts being reviewed as long as the post has over 250 words in total (in any language).

cool, thanks so much for the quick answer!