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This is the twenty first part of my Russian translation of Node.js for the DaVinci/Utopian project.

Project details

Node.js is a software platform based on the V8 engine (translating JavaScript into machine code), which turns JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language. Node.js adds the ability of JavaScript to interact with I/O devices through its API (written in C ++), connects other external libraries written in different languages, providing calls to them from JavaScript code.
Node.js Server:




Official website


This is my twenty first contribution to Node.js. Next two pages have been translated this time. The translation is done string by string. It was a very informative part about Domain in Node.js. I hope I could translate it as accurately as possible. I have completely translated sections Domain.



There are 1886 words in this part
Target language words - 1597 (without untranslated words - 1437).
Time frame: 08\03\19 - 10\03\19

Below I added examples of the strings I translated:





I am looking forward to translating more of this software project.
(Image made by @pab.ink)

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Hello @bell1982,

Thank you for your next contribution to the Utopian-Davinci project.

This is your twenty-first part of the Node.js project translation and the twenty-third one in total.

10% of the project has already been translated. It is impressive since the Node.js project is quite big.

There are 1400 words in this contribution.

The translation is good. There were a few issues. I agree that the Russian punctuation might sometimes be annoying:)

Your presentation contains all the information needed.

Thanks again for your work.

Looking forward to seeing more of your cintributions.

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