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What is Joplin.?

Joplin is a notes application that allows handling large notes that we can organize into notebooks. notes made from other applications such as Evernote can be exported to joplin.

In Joplin application all records are synchronized with various targets including Nextcloud.

Now, keeping in mind an amazing app, then I want to create a new logo for joblin.

Looking at the logo now has no uniqueness in explaining about Joplin, then I create logo logo themed iconic logo. I created this logo with a modern theme, clean and fun.

Here is the logo I worked on for Joplin.

Logo Idea

My main idea was to keep up with Letter J, but I developed this idea by adding a Visual Document. This Visual Document explains useful applications for Notes.

joplin idea.png

Logo Result

Here is logo view with Verdana font ( Font Source Link Here )

joplin with verdana font view horizontal logo.png

joplin with verdana font view vertical logo.png

On this logo, I made 2 models type typografy, in addition to using Verdana font, I also tried it using Titillium font. The following is a logo with titillium font. ( Font Source Link Here )

joplin with titillium font view horizontal logo.png

joplin with titillium font view vertical logo.png

In creating this logo, here I show the type of color used, and the type of font that is in use.

font and color.png

Icons Versions.

Not yet finished with just logo design, i also make icons version to be used as a necessity in mobile application and other purposes. The following is the kind of icon version I created for Joplin.

icons versions.png

Benefits / Improvements

As for a benefit of the logo that I'm working on is. First I create a modern logo in accordance with the times. then I also add a visual for Japlin that is an application that can be used to collect Note and make Note. Not only so, I also follow the basic colors, because the blue color looks suitable for this application with the impression of fun, luxury, modern.

Here is comparison old logo and new logo.



in creating a logo for Japlin, I use computer media with CorelDrawX7 application. and some other support tools.

Here is screenshot in my computer.


Original files

I provide original file in PNG, SVG, PDF. all file can be download HERE.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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