My Logo Design for Endless Browser

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Endless is a free application, and an open source web browser built with privacy and security. in this application there are advantages with multiple tabs with automatic blocking feature. then have a keyboard hardware. and can also automatically delete cookies and storage.

here are reasons to create a new logo. First, the basic logo can not be visually detected initials, therefore, I create a new logo to reflect visually.

Here are the results for the logo I'm working on.

Logo Process


Logo Result.

using typography font Euphemia for Logotype. ( font source link )

vie 1.png

vie 2.png

font and color.png


Benefits / Improvements

As for a benefit of the logo that I'm working on is. First I create a modern logo in accordance with the times. then I also add a visual for Endless in inisial "E" and inisial "B" for meaning bwoser.

This logo is based on grid line. keep design on proportional design and modern.

Old Logo and New Logo

logo old and new.png


in creating a logo for Japlin, I use computer media with CorelDrawX7 application. and some other support tools.

Here is screenshot in my computer.


Original files

Download File Here

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