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This is my logo design contribution to FastReply which is a project by @roxane and @oroger that helps the Community Leaders, Influencers, and all the others Steemians with an every day huge amount of comments to reply faster than ever. Fast-Reply has a nice feature that displays the results of comments that can be directly reply quickly without having to see a lot of comments scrool on posts.

Read more about Fast-Reply here : announcement post.

Here is my logo design for Fast-Reply.

Logo Design

  • Logo Idea

  • Logo Process

  • Logo Result

  • icon Fast-Reply

  • Icon + text, Icon + text + tagline +, Icon + Text + Tagline + Word (beta) 250 x 150 px

  • Icon + text, Icon + text + tagline +, Icon + Text + Tagline + Word (beta) 400 x 100 px

  • Icon + text, Icon + text + tagline +, Icon + Text + Tagline + Word (beta) 400 x 400 px

  • Font used in logo ( PT Sans )

  • Color used in logo


  • My logo design is modern logo, minimalis logo and conteks logo design. This logo design is was combinations mark with visual Fast, Reply and visual Chat Bubble for visualitations to Fast-Reply.

  • My logo designs is easy editable, to another model logo.

  • My logo design followed all the required formats & sizes to be immediately implemented and used.

  • My logo design followed all required by project owner.

this is a example logo presence

Proof of authorship.


Tools, this logo created using program CorelDraw X7. i provided PNG, SVG, AI and PDF files as Project Owner required.

Original files.

Font PT Sans :

Source Files :


Lisensi Creative Commons. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Proof of work done.


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