SteemJS: Upgrades, Bugfixes, New Release

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I think I made a big contribution for STEEM community and I decided to write about it on utopian.
SteemJS library has been abandoned since 23 January and none pull request had been accepted.

I develop big project connected to steem network. Recently I really needed some crucial fixes in steemJS, because nobody answered my cries I've decided to do them on my own. I resolve and apply crucial changes on my own version of steemJS which I released under the name:

Fixes includes:

  1. Webworker support - Now complex cryptographic computation may be moved to other webbrowser thread. Without these changes whole web browser always freezes for 3 seconds during encryptions.
    I add new context for websockets which were hold in window object, which does not exist in webworker thread.

  1. streamTransactions method fix - After short internet connection loss was stopping work or was losing blocks - Now even after long connection loss it works properly.
    I remove "release" method calls and add "keepAliveTimeout" which keeps alive streaming transactions after connections regained.
(First two problems I resolved on one branch)

  1. Webworker support for "secure-random" library - SteemJS dependency also hasn't got webworker support I added it and temporary release my version of this library.
    I added new context handling in library.

  1. All tests where fixed on master.

  2. Scripts has been adjusted to work on windows

  3. I am unifiyng library to ES6, however it is still in progress.

I see people are losing their patience to steemJS library, everyday I am being pinged by people asking for help and no one answers their questions.
I am pretty busy in my current job and if I want to help them I need to work less in my job.

I didn't know how to structure this post better, I read that pull-requests has to be acepted to post here, however what to do if contributors looks dead?

Sincerely Bartosz546

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved. Try to be bit more informative from next time.

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I'm doing my best to improve my english :-)
May I ask what was unclear?

Infomative in the sense try to use the template provided in the and also how the fix or feature will benefit the end user.