[Steem Secure Login] Extension Prepared For Release on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

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Steem Secure aspire to be an alternative for Steem Connect. Steem Secure never gives untrusted websites privalages to make transactions in your name and always monitors and warns if something suspiecious is going to happen.
Steem secure assures webpage cannot keep (stole) your private to their server.

Steem Secure signs transactions deep in your (user) browser where webpages doesn't have access.

Steem Secure provides interface for untrusted websites to ASK if they may make any transaction and user can always disagree.

Steem Stecure Login In its final Version will be considered as fully functioning steem blockchain login system.

Thirdparties will not have to implement any login system by themselfes.

What has been done

  • Warning popups have been prettified to meet current standards: Warning popups displays its self if page is trying to make transaction in your name. By transaction I mean any activity like: comment, post, delegate Steem Power, transfer money, make power down, make powwer up etc...

    Steem Secure at this point supports all Steem Blockchain Activity!

  • Communication Protocal beetwen extension parts has been updated

    It occured event communication I chose was depracated and firefox remind me about it. To make extension works on all browsers together I need to change communication from CustomEvents to PostMessaging.

  • Logo doesn't display on Firefox
    It occurs firefox doesn't support adding logo as background image through css'es I change it to display through `img` tag

  • Popups where blocked from displaying on Firefox and browsers with popups blocker turned on. Bug Fixed.
    Browser Extensions has special privileges in case of opening windows, standard

    may be blocked by Popup Blocker (in firefox by default)

    extenstion supports us with proper interface to avoid popup blockers which is:


  • "Nasty Firefox artifacts" bug resolved

    Some artifacts from loading time where displayed. They where not displayed as HTML elements!

    It occured firefox by default does not have background color in popup, so he just doesn't repaint background.
    Find a problem cause was really hard, however solution occured very simple:

    body {
    background-color: #ffffff;

    Just add color to the body of popup.

Comming Soon

  • Release

Authors github, repository and Pull requests

How to contribute

  • Contributors can find me through github I am reading projects issues regularly.
  • Through steem.chat where I have nick name "bartosz"
  • Through facebook.com, where they will find me under name "Bartosz Kurek". My profile image matches the one I've got on steemit.com and utopian.io.

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You've updated your project that is dealing with Steem security and that's nice. However I gave you have of the score you should have had because of the false information you're spreading about SteemConnect.

Steemconnect signs transactions on their servers this is completely wrong!!! SteemConnect never had and never will have knowledge of users' private keys.

Steem connect doesn't give any access to many (most of) Steem blockchain activities again something said without any kind of proof. We provide an SDK where you can broadcast all blockchain operations. We even provide a hot sign website https://steemconnect.com/sign where the user can choose the operation, we control the data typed and he can then execute his operation.

So please don't spread false information about a similar project just to make yours look like better. The next time I'll either score you 0 or ban you or both.

Putting this aside, keep updating your project it's always nice to provide users with alternative solutions. It stimulates the Steem ecosystem!

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Sorry, I feel bad right now.
Steemconnect signs transactions on their servers
Of course they don't store users private keys, we miss understood each other. Now I'm confused a little. I only know I didn't mean they have access to private keys, it would centralize network.

I tottally agree with second point, I don't know why I was so convinced they provide
only basic functionalities. I was happy about release and I didn't make proper investigation. Sorry.

I will edit my post to fix this.

I removed this missleading parts. I wanted to show advantages of my solution, but I made it in wrong way.


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