Steem Secure Login Browsers Extension

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Steem Secure Login - The safest way to interact with steem blockchain through thirdparties.

What is the project about?

About 2 weaks ago I started to investigate SteemConnect login solution to interact with steem blockchain. It did not satisfied me. To interact through steem blockchain with SteemConnect, I've got to give third party rights to my account. In my opinion it violates blockchain security.

I've decided to propose completely different approach to solve problem which SteemConnect is trying to solve, problem of:

Interacting with steem blockchain through thirdparties without threat of stealing data, upvotes or even steem.


  • Interacting with steem blockchain without giving thirdparty rights to your account.
  • Intuitive steem blockchain login system.
  • Clear programming interface very similar to steem-js.
  • Safe steem blockchain api.
  • Much easier to implement than SteemConnect.

Technology Stack

  • Extension boilerplate: - it let creating at the same moment extension to chrome, mozilla and opera. Whats more it gives opportunity to use in project node modules.
  • JS in Standard ES6 - it is transpiled to ES5 through babel as gulp task.
  • Gulp - Builds the project out of common src folder to separate folders for chrome, mozilla and opera.
  • Steem-js - Used to simplify steem blockchain interaction


  • Web Page steem blockchain interaction rights have to be added.
  • Login window.
  • All steem apis have to added, currently there only a few examples created.
  • Precise documentation would be necessarily to encourage and convince other programmers to use this solution.

How to contribute?

  • Contributors can find me through github I am reading projects issues regularly.
  • Through where I have nick name "bartosz"
  • Through, where they will find me under name "Bartosz Kurek". My profile image matches the one I've got on and

Current development stage, How it works If you want to use it now

  1. Clone repository
  2. In contentscript.js type in line 58 type your activewif and steemlogin instead of my (It is only temporary solution, in next contribution this data will be loaded from login popup!).
  3. Build project: "npm run build"
  4. Load extenstion to your browser
  5. Open any web page and open developer console.
  6. Type in console: "SteemSecure.broadcast.transfer(to,amount,memo,functon(err,res){console.log(err,res}); Parameter "to"," amount" and "memo" change to proper values.

Example: SteemSecure.broadcast.transfer("bartosz546", "0.100 STEEM","Example transaction from Steem Sceure", functon(err,res){console.log(err,res})

  1. Type in console: "SteemSecure.api.getAccounts(["bartosz546"], function(err,res){console.log(err,res)}); You've got access to steem api from your console.

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Hi, thanks for the contribution. It has been approved.

Could you add the usage and install instructions to the README of the repository, thanks.

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Sure, I will release them soon with the nearest update.

Hey @bartosz546! Thank you for the great work you've done!

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Thank you. As soon as I come back from holidays, I will contact you.