[Steem Secure Login] 41 API Methods Added And Documented

in utopian-io •  last year

As the login system works as it should, now came time to implement all the ways to interact with steem blockchain. In this pull-request I added 41 new methods with interface similar to steem-js library to make it as easy to use for current developers is it can be.

Every method I added is documented in readme.MD what makes it occur on corresponding github page.

All methods have even more precise documentation in script "steemSecureSteemJsInterface.js" which creates extensions programming interface.

Steem Secure Login - The safest way to interact with steem blockchain through thirdparties.

With this system utopian.io couldn't be attacked.

Steem Secure Login


  • JS, ES6

What exactly has been done

In "contentscript.js" have been added new listeners which interacts with steem-js libary. In "steemSecureSteemJsInterface.js" have been added 41 methods with interior extension server calls and precise JsDoc for programmers. "readme.MD" has been extended with documentation for all this methods.

List of added methods

1. config.setOptions

2. config.set

3. config.get

4. api.getTrendingTags

5. api.getDiscussionsByTrending

6. api.getDiscussionsByCreated

7. api.getDiscussionsByActive

8. api.getDiscussionsByCashout

9. api.getDiscussionsByPayout

10. api.getDiscussionsByVotes

11. api.getDiscussionsByChildren

12. api.getDiscussionsByHot

13. api.getDiscussionsByFeed

14. api.getDiscussionsByBlog

15. api.getDiscussionsByComments

16. api.getBlockHeader

17. api.getBlock

18. api.getState

19. api.getTrendingCategories

20. api.getBestCategories

21. api.getActiveCategories

22. api.getRecentCategories

23. api.getConfig

24. api.getDynamicGlobalProperties

25. api.getChainProperties

26. api.getFeedHistory

27. api.getCurrentMedianHistoryPrice

28. api.getHardforkVersion

29. api.getNextScheduledHardfork

30. api.getRewardFund

31. api.getVestingDelegations

32. api.getKeyReferences

33. api.getAccounts

34. api.getAccountReferences

35. api.lookupAccountNames

36. api.lookupAccounts

37. api.getAccountCount

38. api.getConversionRequests

39. api.getAccountHistory

40. api.getOwnerHistory

41. api.getRecoveryRequest

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Hey @bartosz546
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Thank you for your contribution. Though I really like what you are doing but I feel still not much development effort is seen in this post. Would love to see more development effort from the next contribution.

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I've checked Questionnaire, I think I will read more other developers posts to improve. I thought, I'm coding well.

Good work


Thank you, I am coding like crazy, from morning to evening, for a few days :-D