[Steem Secure Login] 1. Warning popups added. 2. Callback on user log in, callback on user logout and getting user steemAcountName

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Steem Secure aspire to be an alternative for Steem Connect. Steem Secure never gives untrusted websites privalages to make transactions in your name and always monitors and warns if something suspiecious is going to happen.
Steem secure assures webpage cannot keep (stole) your private to their server.

Steemconnect signs transactions on their servers, Steem Secure signs transactions deep in your browser where webpages doesn't have access.

Steem Secure provides interface for untrusted websites to ASK if they may make any transaction and user can always disagree.

Steem Stecure Login In its final Version will be considered as fully functioning steem blockchain login system.

Thirdparties will not have to implement any login system by themselfes.

More details may be found in first paragraph of this post

What have been done

  • Warning popups have been added to all transactions
    Whenever web page tries to make transaction in your name, you are asked if it may be done. If you webpage try to make comment for example:

    SteemSecure.broadcast.comment("bartosz546", "bartosz546-test-steem-secure", "re-comment-bartosz546-test-steem-secure", "Steem Secure Test Comment", "Test Comment DO NOT UPVOTE FOLLOWERS OR I CANNOT TEST DELETE FUNCTIONS! :D", "", function(e,r){console.log(e,r)});

    You will see:

    If You Decline:

    It was really hard task to establish communication between extension: popup, contentscript, background page and warning popup(extension event page). Every part of extension + wepage runs in its own javascript thread and their communication capabilities are very limited. As you can see in commits history creation of warnings for all broadcast operations took me really a lot of time.
    BackgroundServer - Establishes communication protocol between content script and background page.
    BackgroundRequest - Let easily send data to BackgroundServer
    background.js - creates BackgroundServer instance and allows communication between background page and warning popups, than extends it on communication with content script.
    ConfirmationManager Asks background page to show warning popup and ask user than returns true if user agree on transaction or false if user disagree.
    ````confirmationPopups``` All confirmation popups which are shown if webpage is trying to make transaction (comment, deleteComment, Post, Vote, Transfer, WithdrawSteemPower, PowerUp, Unknown Operation)

  • Login Callbacks and Getting user username by webpage
    These few additional methods are extremely important for library to enable proper communication between webpage and extension. Webpage needs to know when user logged in (The Interesting thing is webpage doesn't need to know which user is logged in (In current release webpage knows)) and when user logs out.
    Subscribe on login:

    Subscribe on logout:


    Ask for username:

    SteemSecure.authentication.isUserLoggedIn(function(isLoggedIn, username){
      console.log(isLoggedIn, username);
      //example: true, bartosz546

Comming Soon

  • Pretify warning popups and stendardize extension loo - I know popups needs to take of their look I just decided to do it in next step and take care of whole extension look at once.
  • First Release - Now when whole extension works and is secure I can release it after prettification.

Authors github, repository and Pull requests

How to contribute

  • Contributors can find me through github I am reading projects issues regularly.
  • Through steem.chat where I have nick name "bartosz"
  • Through facebook.com, where they will find me under name "Bartosz Kurek". My profile image matches the one I've got on steemit.com and utopian.io.

I really appropriate Utopian for giving me chance to create this innovative solution for you

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