JQuery How To Create Counter Down by SetInterval And ParseInt functions ( Video Tutorial )

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What Will I Learn?

I will learn how to create a counter down by the setInterval and parseInt functions ' JQuery ' .

  • How to use the setInterval in a variable with function and number of seconds
  • The important of parse int function to convert the string to integer and minus from it 1 to be counter down
  • How to delete the interval or clear it by the clear interval function with the interval that I created as parameter .


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript language .
  • Knowledge of JQuery .
  • Has the min jquery file .
  • Has an editor text .


  • Basic


In this video I will show you how to create a counter down by JQuery , this counter will count from a number to 0 for example to do it we need the setInterval with a function that do it also the number of milisecondes to repeat the function , to delete this interval we need also to the clearInterval with the parameter our interval and I used also the parse int function to convert the string that I type in the div element .

Video Tutorial


Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

@aymenz I liked how you spent the entire video tutorial working on the count down function. You explained each step and provided learners with some alternate ideas, such as count up.

It is very important to explain why and how each concept works. This will give learners a complete understanding of the concepts you are teaching so they can apply it to their own projects.

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Thank you sir , I try to explain expansively the idea an to give more details , thank you again

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