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RE: Announcing Finally Network - Turn your Steem blog into a website

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Hey dude!

Nice work!! This is a great idea.
When I click on the link I get a '503 : Deployment is currently unavailable' error message.

I know it'll be harder to program, but I think coding in the ability to set up a shop that accepts Steem will really take this to the next level. I feel that that's the kind of person that will want their work in their own personally website... people who use the blockchain to sell their own stuff... but I also get that might be super hard to code in... so yeah, just throwing it out there. Photogs will be rapt with this though!


Thanks dude!

🤦‍♂️ managed to break the deployment minutes after I pushed publish on the blogpost. Back online now.

Really want to get the ability to 'add a shop powered by Steem' for people, I agree I think a lot of people would like that. Not 100% on the best way to do that yet. First aim is really photographers and Dtubers.

Lots of ideas to work though yet. Been sitting on this project for awhile so wanted to get the idea out into the wild and see what the response is.

A Steem-powered shop would be fantastic!

The blockchain can provide not only a permanent receipt but also a way to manage permissions for access to content downloads and the like. It'd take a lot of hassle out of managing a digital marketplace.

saw a recent plugin. I wonder if that works. I will see if I can find the post but it is under utopian development tag as well, in the past few days

Hey! thanks for the support. I've not done any research yet into if any "STEEM Shop" plugins/websites, i'll look for that one on utopian. Totally part of the roadmap eventually.

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