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I present the SBD Distributor project, which is designed to distribute a portion of SBD to users who voted for your post.
Those. After you receive a reward for the post, you can return some of the reward to the voted users.
Thus, you can benefit users and subscribers for your attention.


Current Feature

  • Software supports multi-lingual
  • Automatic calculation of the amount of SBD depending on the contribution that the user who voted for your post brought to you.
  • Automatic sending of the calculated amounts of SBD to users who voted for your post.
  • Use the "stop list" to cancel sending SBD to users who enter it.
  • If you use a specific setting, send SBD to users who not only voted for your post, but also are your followers.
  • Limitation in calculating the minimum amount received as a result of voting for your post by the user.
  • Depending on the setting, a certain percentage is taken.
  • Automatic generation of memo when sending SBD hours with the url of the link to the post.
  • Saving the user's active key in encrypted form. Since the local application is afraid to compromise the key is not necessary.


There are two ways to install the application:

  1. Download the archive from the repository with all necessary binary files and configurations for the required operating system. Repository.
  2. Download the sources and compile it under your system by yourself.


Download and install the programming language GO from the site

In a separate folder, create the directories bin, pkg, src. Go to the src folder and recruit the repository with the command

git clone git://

Install all necessary packages for the assembly with the command

go get -u
go get -u
go get -u
go get -u
go get -u
go get -u

Compile the sbdd.go package with the

go build sbdd.go

Setting up and using.

Language selection

You need to rename the language file you need with language.json_ * to the language.json file

Changing the configuration

Change the necessary settings in the sbdd.conf configuration file

"chain_url":        ["wss://","","wss://"] - addresses of servers providing API STEEM (it is better not to change)
"username":         "" - insert the user name on the system on behalf of which the SBD will be sent
"percent":          80 - % which will be used to calculate the amount sent
"memo_str":         "", - A message in the MEMO field for each item. At the end of the message, a URL link to the article will be added.
"site_link_url":    "", - the name of the site that will participate in the generation of URL links to the article (it is better not to change)
"min_up_value":     0.000000001, - The minimum amount that will be taken into account in the calculation. But at the same time sending will be 0.001
"followers":        false, - use the list of followers when sending
"stop_list":       [] - stop_list who will not be sent to SBD in any way

After configuring and saving the configuration, you must run the compiled binary file.

Working with the app

  1. When you first start the software, it will ask you for the user's private active key and check it.
    In the event that the check is successful, the software will ask you to enter the password twice to encrypt the key. And in case of successful input of the software it will save it in a file key.dat
    On subsequent logons, the software will not prompt for the private key being entered. And will only ask for a password to decrypt it.

  2. Next, the software will prompt to enter the URL link to the article for which you want to send SBD.
    And it provided that the article received an award will calculate and display a table of all the data and voted the sum due to them in SBD.
    Otherwise, the software will report that the award for the article has not yet been received.

  3. After calculating the software, it will automatically check if you have the amount necessary for payment in your account.
    And depending on this, either informs you that the payment is not enough, or will offer to send SBD.

  4. When sending the software, it automatically writes all the data to the log file of the form Transfer_Log_ [permlink articles] .log.
    In the event of a sending failure, the software automatically enters an erroneous transaction in the file send.dat. And at the subsequent startup the software will offer to send only erroneous transactions anew.
    After the distribution of transactions, the software records the article data in the file post.dat. This is done in order that there would be no resending on the already processed article.

This software has already been tested by the user @dimarss on his article Cleaning feathers.Also, the user started the program on his own behalf in which all articles with the tag #sbdgiveaway will be processed by this software.

I invite everyone who has any wishes and suggestions on this software to write them in comments to this post or in GitHub.



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Спасибо за скрипт!

Что-то не сильно много постят с этим тегом))

Как я понимаю сейчас только начало. По идее только 1 человек. @dimarss

Ага, голосую за него когда лениво писать комменты)) В принципе на Стимите линейная зависимость вознаграждений, так что здесь программа не сильно нужна с точки зрения ROI, но зато здесь больше богатых людей, и их может устроить такой вариант

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Great work.

Would you mind updating app's messages to English and add some documentation about the usage?

Thank you very much for the answer.
I will translate everything into English in the next few days. And I will make more decent documentation for use.

I will try to do it as soon as possible.

Greetings @emrebeyler.
The software was put in an appropriate form.
There was added support for different languages.
Also, there was added instructions for its installation, configuration and use.

Quite impressive. I would like to use it later on.

for me is very good..

Смотри, каких я еще отзывчивых ребят знаю)

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nice post thanks:)

I like and enjoyed your post! keep publishing interesting and informative articles. If you wish you can check my post @unknownfacts. I'm writing some informative articles that can help you in your daily life. again follow me @unknownfacts


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