Steem-GO RPC v0.8

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Over the past month, the library code has been changed.


The functions Comment and Post were replaced (in all its manifestations).
The function Comment was added the ability to immediately vote for it, as well as expose options for it.
All previously implemented functions Post, Post_Vote, Post_Options and Post_Options_Vote were combined into one function Post. And now, depending on the need, it can work like any of them.

The entire source code can be obtained at GITHUB.COM, release information v0.8

The opportunity to nominate beneficiaries for posts was added and tested.

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Thank you for your contribution.
The title of the post though apparently references a different project you have on github (Golos-Go Lib), while the content refers to the RPC repository.
Could you please revisit this and fix accordingly, so that we can review and approve?
Also please try to include a brief about the project in the content of your post. Doesn't have to be too lengthy, just to give a glimpse about what it is about.

See the Utopian Rules.
You can contact us on Discord.

Yes you are right. I really took the title from the past project inadvertently. Now I have replaced him.

About the short description, I did not quite understand what exactly it meant.

yes thank you.
I mean if you can add few words about the RPC project in general, that would be more descriptive and helpful to the common reader to understand what purpose is serves. A couple of sentences is more than enough.

i am going to go ahead and approve this submission now. But please moving forward try to include even a short description about what the project serves in general, as this would be helpful to the common reader.

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