A New Logo For Open-Discussion

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Open-Discussion Platform for school to discuss related topics..

Open-Discussion new logo.png

This is My logo;


Benefits / Improvements

I wanted to make a really nice logo for this project. New logo using Open In (O) Letter Discussion and using speech bubbles I decided to create a beautiful and meaningful modern logo
The new logo is more meaningful and better.

Open-Discussion b.png


I used Corel Draw x6 software to design for the new logo. And Proof of my works;


Original files
Github Link: https://github.com/Zerone-IIITDM/Open-Discussion
All vector and editable files is:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1No9MMl_HPqcTn2Corea5KEjvpyy79DBr
Logo request: https://github.com/Zerone-IIITDM/Open-Discussion/issues/3
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