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A great afternoon to all of you in this utopian-io community. Its my first day here. I Would to post my mini idea that it would be better to make a chatroom that will answer all the inquiries of the new members of this community. Its like a FAQ's but in a automated answering bot or shall we say a Online customer service representative, Please see the images below.


Its like a CSR or a automated asweing bot that everytime there is a question regarding in this community the CSR or bot can answer it directly. That's all. Godbless to this community.

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Lovely, can't accept this in utopian feeds, reason, someone already contributed that, also we wish you can contribute fully on this by giving a development ideas step by step on how to go about this.


Oh! Im sorry about that. Ok bro I'll make a way for the development. Thanks by the way.