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This logo contribution is not an entry of a task request on Utopian, I directly search for valuable project that I think needs logo in Github. Here is Github issue link where I tried to propose my logo to project owner.




These are the proposals presented to the project owner.


Kiner: Python AWS Kinesis Producer with error handling and thread support.

In this logo design for "Kiner", I directly contacted the owner of the project in Github. I presented three (3) different proposals to him, as can be seen in the request. After conversations with the owner a proposal was selected.


I decided to make a very simple and memorable logo for this proposal, only using a font and making small changes in it, such as reducing the space between characters and placing a detail in the letter "i" such as by placing the dot in another color and leaving a reservation in circular shape, I also decided to integrate the letter "k" with an arrow with two points that symbolizes a transmission of data in both directions, using as referential image the AWS logo symbol.

What benefits does this logo bring to the Kiner project?

- Kiner did not have a logo, so my logo gives kiner a new identity.

- A simple logo with multiple versions to use in different environments (profile, social networks, github readme, website, etc.).

- Modern design and easy to remember.

- Minimalist

- Great visual impact.



In the selected proposal the client was very direct when deciding the colors used, for this reason I do not present a variation of other colors. The "Buffer Style Guide" was used for this selection, with blue (# 168eea) and yellow (# f5db88) being selected


To accompany the logo design, I decided to use the Tw Cen MT Bold font.




Corel Draw X8 - Photoshop CS6 - image 1 from: freepick - image 2 from: freepick - Font:  Tw Cen MT Bold



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Hey @area-55 ,

Thank you for the contribution. Really good 3 designs. It is very nice that you showed alternatives to the project owner. I liked the 1st and 3rd option more then 2nd one. It remind me Amazon because of the orange arrow :) Well done!

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Thank you very much @baranpirincal, it is a great effort but it is worth to provide quality work.

Hey @area-55
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
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This is insane (in a good way). You are making profit by sharing your design process?

Thanks for your comment, if there are benefits for sharing my work, check my account.

interesting and detailed post, good job!
upvoted & followed :)

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