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DynaMix is a library which allows the composition and modification of polymorphic objects at runtime. Objects are constructed from building blocks called "mixins" enabling an effect similar to multiple inheritances while allowing the client code to remain oblivious to the actual composition of the objects.

DynaMix focuses on maximal performance and minimal memory overhead. The more complex your objects are, the more beneficial it will be to use the library. Pieces of software that typically have very complex objects include games (especially role-playing ones or strategies), CAD systems, enterprise systems, UI libraries, and more. If you have complex polymorphic objects, DynaMix is a good choice.


This logo contribution is not an entry of a task request on Utopian, I directly search for valuable project that I think needs logo in Github. Here is Github issue link where I tried to propose my logo to project owner 




For this proposal I presented two (2) sketches, by suggestions of the owner he himself explained that he would like a logo formed by cubes and that they represent construction, this should be formed by geometric figures. This was the proposal No. 1

For the second proposal, the owner suggested something a little crazy, wanted the figure of a mythological creature. I decided to make a sketch with the figure of a "Griffin". A Griffin is a mythological creature whose frontal part is represented by the head of a giant eagle with golden feathers and the back is that of a lion with a very long tail, so I drew the silhouette of a Griffin with very clean lines of shape. abstract with a letter "D" inside the body (the owner liked the design but it was not chosen).


The beginning of the selected proposal began with the development of a central cube (square) perfectly symmetrical in all its dimensions, from which I separated all the walls of the cube in aligned form and individual pieces, to give the impression of puzzles and thus represent the construction of the same.


The first option was to use a Purple color combination, at the owner's request, present 3 more palette options. In the end, the owner decided to use a palette of blue colors.

Also in the monochrome version I included a delineated version.


For this project, I decided to use the Square721 Ex BT font because with its rounded corners it removes a bit of rigidity to the design and gives it a softer visual appearance. 



Some screenshots of the work done HERE


As in any proposal, the main idea is to improve the image of the project, this was the case of Dynamix, Design offers a new visual identity, it is a modern and very technical logo of minimalist character with a great visual impact and that adapts to all environments. The owner was very satisfied with the final result, is a good contribution to the Github community.


Corel Draw X8 - Photoshop CS6




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Hey @area-55 ,

Thank you for the contribution. I think your presentation much better than your previous presentations. However, there are some unaligned and small graphics need to be more visible.

It is good that every time you present alternative logo designs to project owner, also I liked the final logo design, well done

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Thank you for your review, @baranpirincal!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

As an additional note, in this contribution I changed the way I made the publication, I tried to follow the guidelines of @espoem and @andrejcibik in my previous article. Thank you very much for your constructive critiques.

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