Using Steemauto. Part 4

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Some days ago I published the first part of this post where I gave a breakdown of what steemauto is all about and how it works. Then four days ago I came up with a backup post where I explained the process of registration. But, it's one thing to be a registered member and another to use the platform in full so i came up with the part 3 of the post where i explained how to authenticate Steemauto to be able to carry out action in your absence and then finally I explained how to use the Curation trail service of steemauto. Curation trail is a service that help you follow your est curators and upvote who ever they upvote even when you are not online with that you can increase your chances of earning higher curator reward pulse you will have the opportunity to appreciate good works of great authors.

Today we will be talking about how to use the "Fanbase" and "scheduled post" services.

1. Using the Fanbase service.

First of all what is the Fanbase service?
Answer: The fanbase service is one of the three services offered by the Steemauto system which help you follow your best authors on steemit and curate them in the exact manner you have configured the Steemauto system.
Now that we know what the Fanbase service is all about How do I use it/ follow the steps below to use it.

Step 1: After you have successfully logged in to the steemauto website, Click on the Fanbase button by the left hand side of the page.

Step 2: Once on the Fanbase page, and you will see a list of steemians who create great contents, click on the "follow" button under the action column. see Illustration below.

You can also use the follow option above to follow your favorite blogger. All you need to do is type in the user name of this author and click on the "follow" button and it Done!! see Illustration below.

After following all the steemians that publish contents you wish to upvote you can as well configure the steemauto system in a way that favors you. For example, you can set time at which the upvote will be made and what percent of vote will be made at that particular time to do that, lets proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Click on the "settings" button under the action column by the right side of the page. see Illustration below.

Step 4: A drop down will appear as seen in the screenshot below. Here, you have the liberty to set how you want the system to interact with the authors you follow.

  • In the first field, you set a custom percentage (voting weight) to up vote the author.
  • In the second field you can set the delay time. Leaving it at zero makes you upvote any post made by the author immediately the post was publishes or you set a custom delay time to wait after the post was published before casting your own vote.
  • Finally the last field is to enable or disable following a curator.
    As seen in the Screenshot below I suggested you skip that field but just in case you no longer want to up vote that steemian any more, All you have to do is pull the plug!

2. Using the scheduled post services.

So what is the "scheduled post" service?
Answer: The "scheduled post service" is one of the three services offered by the Steemauto system which help you publish your post at an appointed time even when you are not on the internet.
Like i mentioned in the first post

With Steemauto, you can schedule a post and the system publishes it for you at the exact time you want it. For example. You start a series and somewhere along the line you have to make a long travel or will be too busy for a long period of time you can write all the post when you can and upload them on Steemauto. The system will help you post them at the exact time you want them posted.

Now that we know what the "scheduled post" service is all about How do I use it/ follow the steps below to use it.

Step 1: After you have successfully logged in to the steemauto website, Click on the "scheduled post" button by the left hand side of the page.

Step 2: Once you have clicked on the "scheduled post" button, you will be taken to the next page where you will schedule the post. In the first field you type the title of the post the you type the content of the post in the next field, you imput your tags in the third field then click on the little button next to "PUBLISH AFTER". When you click that a drop down will appear where you click how long the delay time will be (though for now the least time is 1 hour). Finally you click Submit and you are DONE!!! See Illustration below.

For the purpose of this tutorial I made a post earlier to try this feature. see screenshot below.

From the screenshot above you will notice you can delete a scheduled post before being published all you have to do is click delete!

From the Screenshot below you will notice the post was published exactly 1 hour after i submitted it on steemauto because, the screenshot below was taken @2:27 pm and it shows that the post was 15 minutes old while the Screenshot above was taken @1:08pm immediately I submitted the post to steemauto.

That is all for now stay close to my blog for more tutorials.

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