Proposal for DSound Embeddable Steemit Sound Player

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The platform discussed in this article can be found here:


This suggestion is primarily for how the DSound platform interacts with Steemit posts.


DSound needs to have the ability to enable an embeddable sound player within any Steemit post. This will allow all Steemit users who view a Steemit Post to directly interface with their website and play the sound inside of Steemit. This will prevent off-site navigation and add ease of access for all interested parties.

Mockups / Examples

The layout would be very similar to what's actually found on their website when you navigate to it by clicking on the DSound link for your post. However, I have made a few modifications that are suitable for the new placement. Here's what it should look like:



Implementing an embeddable sound player for DSound would make it much much easier to actually listen to sounds WHILE inside of Steemit posts! Popular sites like SoundCloud offer similar functionality on websites, so this really goes hand in hand with the platform.

This will also give DSound a huge advantage over other similar platforms who do not bother catering to Steemit.

Please consider this proposal for the good of the whole. Thank you!

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not refer to or relate to an open-source repository. See here for a definition of "open-source."

DSound is not open-source yet.


You can contact us on Discord.


Understood, thanks!

Awe... it was good suggestion though

Great suggestion!