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The software discussed in this article can be found at:


This request pertains to the list of verifiable websites on the Client side of the Keybase software.


There needs to be an additional verification method for the domain name, specifically for individual user accounts.

One potential method could be for Keybase to make an Official company Steemit account and accept small SBD or Steem transfers from the to-be-verified user. This could be accomplished through the verification dialog box, along with a generated memo ID.

This would then verify their Steemit accounts on the Keybase Platform after the transfer is cleared.

Mockups / Examples

This is what the user interface could look like with the addition of's domain on the user's home page of the application:


Here's what the verification screen might look like:


The benefits of this request include:

  • The ability to verify Steemit user accounts outside of the Steemit platform.
  • Scammers will have a harder time impersonating genuine accounts.

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This is a good proposal, thanks!

You're really into this keybase thing, aren't you?

Nice proposal

sounds like a win win :)

hehe I found this keybase yesterday messing around nice to see that other steemians are using it we should link up! and actually I was looking for the same feature and I found your post nice one


Thanks mate! I'll send you a friend request.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


Thank you fine sir.

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