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RE: Curved drawing lesson 3 # Deep inside the Equirectangular grid

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That's just very informative. Never seen something like this before. Thank you for sharing, although some images make me feel nauseous because of the optical effect lol


I know, people got burned in the past for disclosing content like this. This the future of perspective. Since 1854, when Bernhard Riemann published On the hypotheses that lie at the foundation of geometry we know that Euclides statements are false. But people love to live in lies and does not study enough mathematics.

People got burned in the past for disclosing content like this? For real?

I did study a lot of mathematics in high school, I was even good at it, and it helped me at lots of jobs I have had in the past, but the real math like formula's well, I just don't use that anymore haha.
In this case it's just the optical thing I get nauseous from, I have that with certain lights too, and some things when I watch them on the laptop/tv.. my vision is not that good anymore like when I was in my teens I guess lol...

Have you heard from Giordanno Bruno and his ideas of the universe? He was burnt at the stake by the Catholic Church. Straight liner believers are very very powerfull :). Besides, mathematics are the doors of the full comprehension and criticism. That's why we have been told to abandon them and spent our leisure time powering down our brains in mainstream content.