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What is Navi?

Navi is a bot (programmed with the wonderful language of JS) which helps the users of steemit with the dynamics of the trail. Sometimes, the beginning in steemit is difficult, not many vote your posts, and that discourages; This is where Navi comes in, where users who register can enjoy a vote trail with all other users, and without the worry and annoyance that "this is not my vote, my post" "I was just voted by 3 people" "I voted for all of you and very few vote for me".

Get List of Users Who Voted for Our Post

When our posts reach a lot of votes, it is difficult for us to keep track of who voted for it and how much voting power it made, so I decided to update the voter.js file with a new feature, which will help many people know A little bit more about our post.

Now the methodology is simple, we copy the link of our post and execute the command $Votes + link of the steemit post

The result is returned from the post content as a JSON object with the following properties:

From this result, you have access to everything associated with the selected post, including additional metadata which is a JSON string that must be decoded to use.

voter - The author account name of the vote.
weight - Weight of the voting power.
rshares - Reward shares.
percen t - Percent of vote.
reputation - The reputation of the account that voted.
time - Time the vote was submitted.

This update is already available in the repository, where I also attach a documentation (this time in English, as requested) of the voter.js code.


High priority:

  • I just made the request for a steemit account which will be the official account of Navi, which I will use to comment on all the post voted by the bot-trail. Below I attach part of the code that I will use to make that function possible:
steem.broadcast.comment(wif, parentAuthor, parentPermlink, author, permlink, title, body, jsonMetadata, function(err, result) {
  console.log(err, result);

Medium priority:

  • Export this bot to a web page, so that all users use the same bot.
  • Vote randomly by rank.
  • Make an official bot logo.

How to contribute?

If you have any ideas, improve, or just help with the work of this bot, let me know through the comments of this post, or write me by discord (Anonym0us#7823).

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Thanks for the contribution, @anonym0us! I think it's cool you are developing this, but I don't really get the use of this feature. If you have the URL of a post, then you might as well click on the dropdown showing who voted on it. Websites like SteemPeak allow you to even see the STU of each vote (it would've been great if you included that instead of "rshares").

There was also some feedback on your other contributions that is still relevant for this one. I can also see a lot of inconsistencies in your code (indentation, no spaces where they should be etc.) that could easily be fixed by using something like ESLint.

Furthermore it would be great if you could link to the relevant commits in the future, as from the commit messages it isn't clear what was implemented where.

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Oh ok thank you very much, would it be nice if to complement this update I added a function to get all the data of a post?


Maybe something that shows the most important information of a post would be cool. I am not really the best person to ask though, since I rarely use Discord bots (you could ask around on our Discord server to get some feedback about it).


I'm going to take that comment into consideration, since I'm something new in the world of programming JAJAJA


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 16 contributions. Keep up the good work!

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