Translation of LWT - Live without Tobacco from English to Chinese Traditional (1,196 words translated)

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Today, I have put effort into translation of the project "LWT - Live without Tobacco" from English to Chinese Traditional.

I have completed 1,196 words of translation and suggested 125 translations in total into Chinese Traditional.

For example,

Many smokers feel like they need to quit smoking, but they cannot give up the pleasure of smoking. Find out how to deal with this feeling.

You do not have depression symptoms, but you have symptoms of anxiety. However, we recommend seeing a doctor if you are planning a quit attempt. Feel always free to browse the site.

Medications and simple relaxation techniques may help you dealing with urges. We will teach some of them in our quit plan

Be advised: this program does not intend to replace a face-to-face treatment. We do recommend seeking help from a health professional.

I have quit but I am still worried about relapsing. I still need to work to stay quit.

Withdrawal - What it is and how to deal with it

Withdrawal is a natural reaction of the body to the absence of the nicotine from the cigarrete.

The work that was done as follows:






脱瘾过程- 它是什麼以及如何處理它


Translation progress:

Initially, the bar was 28%.

After my work, the bar became 39%.

Here is the link to my work of translation:

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