Translation of LWT - Live without Tobacco from English to Chinese Traditional (1,088 words translated)

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Today, I have put my effort into the translation of the project "LWT - Live without Tobacco" from English to Chinese Traditional.

I have completed 1,088 words of translation and suggested 174 translations in total into Chinese Traditional.

For example,
She has a B.A. in Law, and worked in educational institutions in Jordan as a Student Counselor, and Admission and Registration Officer. Recently she has been working as a translator/proofreader and as a part-time Arabic tutor online. She's passionate about languages and learned English on her own, and now learning Spanish as well. She was happy to be part of this project because it could help many people quit smoking including her own family members. She enjoys translating humanitarian projects and she made Live Without Tobacco available for Arabic speaking countries.

The work that was done as follows:
她有一個法學本科學位. 並在約旦的教育機構擔任學生顧問,入學和註冊的工作人員。最近,她一直擔任翻譯/校對員,在線擔任兼職阿拉伯家庭教師。她對語言充滿激情,自己學習英語,現在也學習西班牙語。她很高興成為這個項目的一部分,因為它可以幫助許多人戒菸,包括她自己的家庭成員。她喜歡翻譯人道主義項目,並為阿拉伯語國家提供“無菸生活”項目。

Translation progress:

Initially, the bar was 0%.

After my work, the bar became 9%.

Here is the link to my work of translation:

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