Translation of LWT - Live without Tobacco from English to Chinese Traditional ( 1,070 words translated)

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Today, I have put effort into translation of the project "LWT - Live without Tobacco" from English to Chinese Traditional.

I have completed 1,070 words of translation and suggested 103 translations in total into Chinese Traditional.




For example,

Except when stated otherwise, the website's content, including programs, design, texts and graphic, are licensed by the General Public License - GNU which ensures the freedom of using the program for any purpose, for changing it, and sharing it with neighbors and friends.

Center for Research, Intervention and Evaluation on Alcohol & Drugs

Live without Tobacco - Free Online Program for helping smokers to quit.

We offer to smokers a quality and personalized quit smoking program.

The content was developed by specialists along with the support of former and current smokers

Barbosa, A.F. (2009). Research on the use of Communication and Information Technologies in Brazil: TIC households and TIC Companies 2008. São Paulo: Internet Steering Committee In Brazil.

World Health Organization. (2011). WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2011 warning about the dangers of tobacco. Geneva : World Health Organization.

The work that was done as follows:



遠離煙草的生活 - 在線幫助吸煙者戒菸的免費計劃。




世界衛生組織。 (2011年)。世衛組織關於全球煙草流行的報告,2011年關於菸草危害的警告。日內瓦:世界衛生組織。

Translation progress:

Initially, the bar was 19%.

After my work, the bar became 28%.

Here is the link to my work of translation:

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