SVA - Phase 1 SteemConnect Integration and Other Improvements

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New Features

This update to Steem Video Aggregator makes the several changes to the website.

Integrates SteemConnect v2 to allow voting on video posts

Clicking the 'Login' button at the top-right of the site now allows you to login using SteemConnect. You can then vote for (or downvote) any posted video. When clicking the vote button, a slider appears so you can choose the voting power. Clicking it again casts the vote.

Shows video vote contributions

Clicking on the payout in the video view brings up a list of its top 30 voters (by contribution). Within this list the currently logged in account is highlighted in bold font, so you can see your contribution easily. The account names are also links which navigate to the corresponding Steemit accounts.

Improved search results formatting

When a search is performed, the results are now shown in a list instead of a grid. This is thought to be easier to navigate and works better on small displays.

Added lazy loading of images

All pages which show thumbnails of the videos, now only load the images when they are likely to need to be shown. This increases page loading speed and reduces bandwidth, which is an important consideration for many portable devices.


Implemented as the commits from 28nd January to 5th February inclusive:


These improvements are live at

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