Turkish Community's Statistics on Steemit | January

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The goal of this analysis is to show the activity of Turkish users on Steemit in January. The analysis is intended to scope the overall profile of Turkish users .
Those analyses are based from "tags" , "authors" and "payouts" for each individual posts. As a part of Turkish Community, I want to show the preferences and derivation of the community in next months and 2018


  1. Scope of Analysis
  2. Tools and Code
  3. Results
  4. Summary

1 - Scope of Analysis

Date of the analysis is 08.02.2018 and timeframe of the analysed data is between from 01.01.2018 to 01.02.2018.

2 - Tools and Code

The data to be analysed is taken from SteemSQL - A publicly available SQL database. And charts and graphics are produced by using MS Excel.

I used the following code to get the informations:

FROM comments (NOLOCK)
 created >= ('2018-01-01T00:00:00.000Z')
 and created < ('2018-02-01T00:00:00.000Z')
 and Depth = 0
 and json_metadata like '%"tr"%'

3 - Results

In January 1598, authors have created 14519 posts with tr tag and 130006 comments have been made under that posts.

I have analyzed the distribution of tags & comments in all posts that authors created in January. In January, we have "8.954" number of comments for each tags. And posts are distributed over 608 different tags. I have plotted two different graphs for the tags. First one includes the tags which are used for more than 100 times, and the second one encloses the tags which are used minimum 20 and maximum 100 times. Corresponding graphs are shown below, respectively.

taglere göre dağılım 100 üstü.png

taglere göre 100 ile 20 arası.png

For the tags which are used less than 20 times have not effective ratio for those I have analyzed, so I discard them in the graphs.

As a second analysis, I have focused on author's payout distribution over values. Resultant chart is given below:

para dağılımı.png

When we focus on this chart, we can calculate percentages for each interval. Results as follows:

para dağılım tablosu.PNG

If we focus on the tables and graphs which are indicated above, we can say that huge rate of payout posts are in 0 and 0.05 range which means that, big percentage of Turkish Community has a relatively new accounts, started to use Steemit recently. The big amount of posts are not pay outed so far.

Lets scope the graphs from a different perspective. When we see the preferences of the Turkish community, we can conclude that the community tends to use the platforms which rewards their contributers such as utopian-io and dmania. And at the same time, Turkish community prefers to contribute on the following tags:
photography, food and travel.

Now, I want to focus some special cases:

3.1 - Top 10 Authors by Number of Posts

On the table which is given below, shows us top ten authors of the month.

top ten konu açan.PNG

Those authors have 7.1% of total number of posts in January.

3.2 - Top 10 Authors by Posts Payouts

On the table which is given below, shows us top ten authors of the month with respect to payouts.

top ten para alan.PNG

Those authors get 21% of total payouts in the tr tag in January.

3.3 - Top 10 Tags by Posts Payouts

On the table which is given below, shows us top ten category of the month with respect to payouts.


Those tags get 92,9% of total payouts in the tr tag in January.

4 - Summary

Before ending my analysis, let me give some numbers about the community:

  • Total number of posts under the tr tag: 14519
  • Total number of the comments on the posts with the trtag: 130006
  • Total number of the unique user who posted under tr tag: 1598
  • Total amount of payment under the tr tag: $56846,97

We can conclude that community is new & growing. We will have more precise results at the next months of 2018, and in my opinion, Turkish community will keep growing.

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Dear @alfanerd, great to see a new contributor in the analysis category! Unfortunately your contribution is only looking into the January data without any comparison to all the previous months. Without reference data, you can't say anything about growth. You say most of the #tr accounts are comparably new - support your claim with data.

Looking forward to more from you!

You can contact us on Discord.

Hello @alfanerd,

You are issuing queries like SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE ... to build your stats, filtering on dates and posts.

Using the SELECT * means you retrieve ALL columns from the table, including the body column, which is absolutely useless for building your stats.

This kind of query, especially when targeting a full year, is a performance killer for SteemSQL infrastructure and negatively impacts responsiveness for other users.

I urge you to limit your SELECT clause to the required columns for your stats. Please update your queries or I will have to take steps to keep SteemSQL running smoothly!

Feel free to contact me on steemit.chat if you need any help.

Sorry my mistake. I will be more specific on my queries in the future.