I want to suggest adding the "Details" feature

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Vanilla Music player is a GPLv3 licensed MP3/OGG/FLAC/PCM player for Android with the following features:

multiple playlist support
grouping by artist, album or genre
plain filesystem browsing
ReplayGain support
headset/Bluetooth controls
accelerometer/shake control
cover art support

here I want to add my suggestion by adding a feature (Details) this feature serves to see the full name of the song and title and album, and we can also edit song titles and album names, and singers, this feature will make it easier for users to compose songs according to the name of the album that can be edited

Proposal Description

I want to suggest that the (Details) feature be added to this vanilla music application, for users who use the vanilla music application can change the name of the album and also the singer, and can see the complete title in the music

Mockups / Examples

here I will give an example of a feature that I have made as an example


next is the ongoing feature display



benefits and uses as I explained above, this feature can help and make it easier for users to edit the song title and album name and penyayi of the song, with this feature see more details and edit albums


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